Gay Naturism?

Whenever I used to see sites that propose to be gay naturist or nudist sites, I always raised an eyebrow. Gay naturism? What does that mean really? I mean, I don’t see Gay Golf websites out there. (Ok, as soon as I write that there probably are some, but you get my point). Why? Because being a fan of golf, has nothing to do with your sexuality. Extending that argument then….if naturism has nothing to do with sex, then your sexuality doesn’t really have anything to do with your love of naturism. Right? Well…..generally true, maybe, for the most part.  

Now, let me just say up front that I’m not a gay naturist. I don’t say that out of fear of being confused for being gay. I just say it to point out that I haven’t walked a mile in a gay naturist’s flip flops. I haven’t experienced the discrimination the LGBTQ community has endured, whether it be from the naturist community or textile. I don’t know what it’s like to be a naturist and gay.  I don’t know what it’s like to come out as gay.  So what do I know? Not much. This is simply an observation….an opened ended discussion… naturist’s thoughts.  

One of the most beautiful naturist photos I have ever seen.

It certainly shouldn’t be surprising that there are naturists who are gay. Nor should it be surprising that some gay naturists are interested in talking about issues, naturist or not, with people who potentially share their perspective or history. Just like there are naturist Christian groups, family naturist groups, black naturist groups, and dozens of other naturist sects, there are gay naturist groups.  

I think what throws people off is the idea that the discriminator for this group is primarily their sexuality. Yes, that isn’t all there is to it. I understand that. But regardless, it’s a discussion of sexuality and that makes a lot of naturists nervous since naturists aren’t supposed to have anything to do with that! Right? I mean….that’s what everyone always says.  

Traditional naturist advocates spend a great deal of energy espousing the position that naturism and sex are two separate things. One does not lead to the other. Ok….I agree. I’m nude right now. It has nothing to do with sex. I spent the morning nude. And guess what….once again, it had nothing to do with sex. But the argument can be taken to the point that it implies that naturists are completely non-sexual. Not only is that not true, it’s also hard for anyone to believe.  

Naturists, gay, bi, or straight, enjoy sex as much as anyone else. Enjoying living a portion of their lives clothes free doesn’t change that. For some naturists, their enjoyment of being nude does have sexual aspects to it, despite claims to the contrary. Is it the driving force behind their naturism? No, highly unlikely. But just as it is illogical to say sex is why naturists go nude, it seems equally illogical to imply sex can have absolutely nothing to do with going nude. From my perspective, it very much depends on the individual and the circumstance.  

The idea that naturists don’t look, don’t notice, don’t enjoy, don’t sometimes feel sexual when they are nude, and are completely ambivalent to the nudity of others around them doesn’t do the process of normalizing naturism and nudity any favors. Are naturists sizing each other up all the time, getting all riled up, looking for where their next orgasm will come from? Is a nude resort just a means of arranging the biggest no holds barred orgy of all time? Of course not. Not even close. In fact, just as most naturists would advocate, naturists are far less likely to behave like this. But that doesn’t mean they don’t look, admire, and enjoy others nudity. It doesn’t mean that sometimes they find their nudity or the nudity of others sexually appealing. The same is true if you are gay, straight, or anything else.  

So yes, I admit it….I enjoy others nudity. I enjoy the nude human form and I enjoy seeing others nude. Yes, that is one aspect of my enjoyment of naturism, one of many. It’s not the most important. It’s not the facet I cherish most. But I don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. If I were a gay naturist, it only makes sense that I might enjoy reading the words, thoughts, and experiences of a fellow gay naturist. I might enjoy seeing naturist photos of my own gender and I may find them sexually appealing from time to time. It makes total sense that, accordingly, I might identify as a gay naturist rather than just a naturist.   This doesn’t make them any less of a naturist. In fact, it just makes them like rest of us.  

So now when I come across a site or story about a gay naturist, I give it a try, just like I would any other site. And if I see a photo that denotes gay naturism, granted, that’s in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t judge.  Why would I?  I just see naturists. If I see a story about an LGBTQ naturist explaining their view of naturism, I read and try to understand. Maybe I’ll agree, maybe I won’t.  Maybe I’ll enjoy it, maybe I won’t.  But it won’t mean they author or subject is any less of a naturist. 

So I view it like this — What’s another name for a gay naturist? Simple….a naturist. I’m glad to share the title “naturist”.  I’m glad they have stepped out of the naturist closet. I’m glad they are standing nude in the light of day. I don’t care if they use the term gay naturist.  I don’t care who they have sex with. 

I’m just glad they’re naturists. 


Best Part of Waking Up…..

Yeah, I isnt Folgers in your cup, despite being a damn catchy commercial tune.  To me, the best part of waking up is knowing that I have been blessed with another day to spend with my family and all the people I love.  But also on the list of things that make mornings so enjoyable, particularly those where I don’t have to rush off to work, is the peaceful, contemplative, relaxing, and centering naturist time.  

As I’ve said many times, naturist morning time is probably one of my favorite activities, whether it be sitting by the pool, doing some writing, taking a nude hike, or whatever…. There is something about experiencing the start of a day nude that I have always found enjoyable and exhilirating. 

Even as a young man, I dabbled in “naked time” when I arose before everyone else and was confident that no one would stumble into my nude oasis.  I’d make my way out to the play room, take off my pajamas, usually just a pair of shorts, and play with my toys, au naturel.  Once I heard indicators that others were stirring, I’d put the shorts back on.  It’s another one of those areas where I wonder, what if I had just stayed nude?  How would that have worked out?  Well regardless, apparently my penchant for early morning nudity was established long ago.  It’s not surprising that it’s part of me today.

But I do feel that those early nude mornings, along with my after school naturist time, did much to implant the idea that naturism wasn’t just something I did now and again, it was part of me.  I became very comfortable with my own nudity and and was very comfortable with my body.  I was far from an Adonis but I liked how I looked nude.  I thought the simple fact that I hung out nude was…  If others didn’t do it or understand it themselves, well, that was their problem. I suppose I still feel that way today.

Nude mornings are the best mornings.  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they may turn into a nude day.  Just a naturist thought.

Naturist Writing

Over the years there have been a number of sites that provided outlets for naturists to post their writing about, well…..naturism. I enjoyed many of the stories on these sites. Most were complete fiction, even those that claimed otherwise. But that was ok. To be honest, I didn’t really care. I went in figuring most of them were made up, like a lot of what you read on blogs and social media. Well, if not made up completely, at least highly exaggerated. But most tended to focus on two primary storylines, 1) Discovering naturism (either solo or socially) and 2) Sharing your naturist lifestyle with others (telling others or simply going nude around others). Personally, I quite enjoy those storylines and find them some of the most personal and interesting aspects of people’s naturist evolution — how they came to be naturists, and how they have shared it with others. 

I think for many of us, these stories serve as a naturist outlet for us, either as reader or author. As authors, we could write about telling someone you are a naturist. About, “coming out” of the naturist closet. Usually, in our story, everyone thinks it’s wonderful, they aren’t shocked or dismayed at all. They are supportive and encourage you to go nude when you want to. Maybe they even join in. It’s a naturist bliss. Sound familiar? Probably to stories you’ve read, but likely not to your real life.  

I’ve written a number of similar stories myself. But I’ve never published or posted them. They were just for me and Mrs Naturisthoughts. It was fun to come up with different story lines, and develop them into something. I based some on actual events in my naturist life, answering my own question, “what would have happened if…” In that regard, it’s kind of fun. Like drafting an alternate ending. Of course, just like those many tales I mentioned before, they always ended well. I mean, there is no way I’m going to spend my time writing a story based loosely on my own experience only to have “me” end up worse off in the end. Come on? Who enjoys beating themselves up?

But in writing the “what if” endings, I often found myself especially contemplative about how things actually ended up and what that truly signified toward not only my evolution as a naturist, but in my life in general. The fact that I didn’t simply stay nude the day my sister almost caught me enjoying naked time at our childhood home. Why was that? What did it tell me? What can I learn from it? In that respect, writing naturist stories has been very beneficial. 

Writing, on any topic, is an excellent outlet for your own personal growth. That’s part of why I started this blog and part of why I have taken it where I have. I enjoy the topic. I enjoy the lifestyle. But I didn’t want this to be a fiction site. I wanted to be just what it is — just me, what I’ve seen and done, what I think. Not everyone agrees with everything I say. I certainly don’t agree with everything others say. But, that’s ok. They are just my thoughts. My naturist thoughts.  

This is essentially me when I’m writing or blogging, with a few variations. But nude, outside, enjoying a nice cup of tea — my writing nirvana.

Quenching a Thirst

When I was a kid there was a citrus soda called Rondo. They had a commercial where a man would stumble out of the desert, in desperate need for a drink. But before he’d take the inevitable offering of water, first he’d ask for some plain, dry, potato chips. He wanted his thirst to be so extreme that when he drank some Rondo, it would be even that much better. Rondo – the thirst crusher. 

Well Rondo is long since gone, but for me, as a youth and budding naturist, I had a thirst…..for nudity. While it’s a memory of a bygone era, but what young man didn’t have his stash of nudes — a few treasured well worn, dog eared photos of a nude, semi-nude, or bikini clad goddesses. Over the years I had accumulated my own collection that I had stumbled across — a photo of Bo Derek frolicking nude on a beach, a stolen page from my sisters vogue of a woman sunning nude by a pool, and a few others. Like so many others, they provided titilation and enjoyment in their own right. 

But somewhat juxtaposed to the Playboyesque collection were a few other gems — a photo from a book catalog showing a cover of a book about Nudists featuring a nude woman and her child by a lake, a ripped page from a National Geographic showing two nude young men walking across the Savannah, and another magazine photo showing a nude pearl diver. While I’ll be the first to say I enjoyed my other collection beyond measure, this group was even more special. It was a glimpse into another world.

While I enjoyed many sexually oriented nude fantasies, just as young men and women tend to do, I also had naturist fantasies. Despite being in an adolescent hormone rage, I was able to enjoy each type of fantasy differently. My naturist fantasies were unique and non-sexual. They were about quenching a thirst, a thirst for a world I could only imagine, a world where nudity wasn’t weird or kept in secret. Instead, a world where it was normal, even celebrated. I had a thirst for nudity….my own and others. I wanted to be nude. I wanted to be around others nude. I fantasized about being nude with friends, going on hikes, swimming…..essentially, I fantasized about naturism, although I wasn’t entirely sure just what that was. But I sure liked the idea.  

Today’s youth has endless amounts of nudity available to them 24/7, in any medium and style you like. I find that a little sad. My naturist fantasizes, where I’d tell my friends I liked being naked and where we’d all go swimming together and such….they were innocent, pure. Sex was a million miles away. When I first fulfilled naturist fantasies by spending time nude, even venturing outdoors nude, imagining I was in a place where nudity was accepted, allowed, even normal, it was so non-sexual to me that I can’t describe it. Yes, I found it exciting, invigorating, enriching, but it wasn’t a sexual fantasy. It wasn’t part of a sexual dream. It was a naturist experience.  

But with the propagation of porn on the internet today, what will budding naturists find first today? Will they find their way to honest, open, wholesome nudity. Or will they find porn? Well…..let’s face it, they will find porn. No matter what, it will come up on their searches. But will they keep looking for naturism? Or will they assume that is what naturism and nudism really are? It will depend on what they already know, what they find enjoyable and how committed they are. But I fear they will linger on the porn. That’s sad.  

I genuinely enjoyed my adolescent naturist life. As I’ve described earlier, I really owe a lot to it. Today, I’m so incredibly thankful that I was able to differentiate between the two worlds. Both can be healthy. But blurring the lines can be confusing and continue to contribute to the link that naturism is simply sex in disguise. I hope budding naturists can still find their way past the sex and porn to the beauty that is naturism.  

A Couple of Great Naturist Sites

Here is a link to the latest Naturist Living Show podcast (run by Stephane Deschenes of Bare Oaks fame) and his conversation with Forrest, the moderator for the Nudism subreddit page.  I’m a fan of both.  Stephane has been an advocate for Naturism for years and is one of the finest voices for Naturism on the Internet.  

Reddit is a social media site that posts stories, articles, and links focused on various topics organized under subreddits.  There is a well moderated subreddit for nudism where I have posted a number of articles.

Do Naturists Have “Privates”?

Among non-naturists, the term “privates” is the usual term to denote someones genitals, buttocks, or female breasts. Most everyone hears that term as a child. And I agree, those areas are private, in most settings, unless you choose otherwise. Everyone, adult or child, should understand that their body is theirs and theirs alone.  

But among naturists, at some point in their lives, the sheath of privacy, visually at least, to those areas is removed. I’m not saying they become public domain. Quite the contrary. What’s yours is yours, nude or not. But I’m speaking visually. We don’t hide our genitals, buttocks, or breasts. That’s part of what makes us, us. But I often wonder, do we have limits? When does acceptable nudity become unacceptable nudity among naturists? Is there such a line?

I’ve spoken about erections as being seen by most as being over that line. As you know, I’m a firm believer that there are some cases where I completely disagree with this approach. I believe that there are naturist settings and situations, usually depending on who you’re with, where erections can be totally acceptable and far from inappropriate. But I wont go down that well worn path again. You can read my earlier posts on that subject, namely the posts “Keep Calm” and “What Was I Afraid Of”. But how about on the ladies side of the equation? Is seeing a woman’s labia, or more, somehow inappropriate in naturist circles? How about a man or a woman’s anus? 

As for me, the answer is definitely no. I find all nudity to be acceptable. If a nude man or woman is sitting in such a manner than portions of their genitalia is more visible than other times, that’s ok. If a man or woman bends over, exposing their anus, do I feel the need to avert my eyes or feel offended? Of course not. Nude is nude. What’s the difference?

Now if they are intentionally positioning themselves to put themselves on display and call attention to their genitalia, then I begin to have my doubts. God knows the tumblesphere is full of those completely fictitious depictions of naturist life. I’m not talking about spreading legs to help even out a tan or out of sheer comfort. I’m talking about spreading legs to say, “hey, look at this!” The issue isn’t what you see, but the individual’s motivation for being nude in the first place. Now we’re moving away from naturism into exhibitionism.  

I’ll be the first to say, sometimes, I am a little self conscious of how I sit or position myself. There are manners in the naturist world. It isn’t a free for all. Not everyone wants to see…..well, everything. But as I’ve gotten older (that “” is intentional…..Not wanting to sound ageist but while I’m not a “twenty something”, I definitely don’t see myself as old), I find that I’m concerned far less often. To me, nude is nude — erect, flaccid, together, spread, bent, or straight. The motivation is more the question. The visual doesn’t really matter.  

Getting to that point is quite freeing. No embarrassment, no shame. Not only are they not present, but they are actually replaced with positives — contentment, happiness, and joy. I find that I’m much more able to enjoy the moment, the experience, when I’m not preoccupied with concern that someone may have seen my anus when I bent over or that someone will see that I’m erect as I tan by the pool.  

So yes, there is a line that can be crossed. But I tend to think that line is more based on individuals motivation, the company, and the circumstances much more than it is on simply the visual of a persons anatomy.  

We’re All the Same — really?

That’s a common claim among naturists, that when the clothes come off, so do so all of life’s labels — income, education, status, class, etc… And accordingly, naturists see beyond those stereotypes. I get what they’re saying. That at our most basic, we are all generally the same, from a basic biological standpoint at least. That’s a nice idea.

I agree that clothing plays that big of a role in determining how we are portrayed to the world around us. If I wear a business suit and walk into a restaurant, I will give one impression, and probably get an entirely different type of service, depending on the restaurant. If I walk in wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and flip flops, it will be a different experience. People will judge and evaluate based on what they see. But all those impressions are gained solely by visual means. 

So it’s true, nudity does remove many of the indicators that people use to size someone up. But it doesn’t remove all. Age, race, weight, tattoos, piercings, and physical attributes are still in play. To me, we’d be disingenuous to imply that naturists can see beyond all factors, that naturists operate on a different plane, as enlightened nude souls able to see beyond labels.  

Naturists aren’t perfect. We have our failings as much as anyone else. We can still judge others, whether we want to admit it or not. Say you’re at a nude beach, and two men are walking toward you. One is young, fit, muscular, multiple tattoos, and a piercing on his genitals. The other man is middle aged, a bit flabby, and with no tan. First impressions can be lasting ones and I suspect naturists would observe and form an opinion just like anyone else. But the question is… that where they stop? Among naturists, the answer is usually no. 

What nudity does provide among naturists, regardless of income, education, and such, is a commonality, an approachability, an opening. This commonality may be recognized across many facets — physical, emotional, or simply a common experience of becoming a naturist. It enables many naturists to be willing to reach out, speak up, or simply say hello where otherwise they might not. Hopefully they can get past the generic how long have you been a nudist, where have you been, what nude experiences have you had, etc… They seem to be more in touch with the idea that if you take the time to talk to someone, listen to what they have to say, and get to know them, you are likely to form a much more cohesive impression of who they are as a person, rather than just the visual impression you might have formed if they were clothed. 

What opinion do you form regarding this man?

That’s where I think naturism connects with this idea. It isn’t simply the fact that someone is nude that breaks down barriers. If they were nude and you never spoke to them, it’s true that you might not know anything about them in terms of their income, education, or background. But you wouldn’t know anything more about them period. I find that naturism and your nudity makes you more open to learning, rather than quickly categorizing. Ultimately, that trait likely carries over to how naturists interact with non-naturists, essentially taking more tine to learn them as well. 

It doesn’t mean all naturists are friends. Of course not. A conversation could still highlight differences of opinion, values, education, experiences, religion, etc…that may very well drive you in different directions. That’s fine. But with naturists, generally, it’s more of an informed opinion.  

A Humble Request


Just to reiterate what this blog is about, with the risk of stating the obvious:

If you’re looking for a blog where various naturist topics are discussed; if your looking for a blog that treats naturism as something positive, enriching, and wholesome; if you’re looking for a blog that doesn’t approach naturism with a superiority complex; if you’re looking for a blog that speaks honestly and openly; if you’re looking for a blog that talks about life challenges in relation to naturism; if you’re looking for a blog that treats men and women with respect; if you’re looking for a blog that stays away from pornography; if your looking for a blog that doesn’t focus on sex; if you’re interested in reading about a nice nude hike vs some sexual hookup in public; if you’re looking to read the thoughts from a blogger who values family, love, respect, humility, hard work, honesty, and integrity…..If that’s what you’re looking for, then you may just enjoy Naturistthoughts.

If you’re looking for a blog that focuses on sex; if you’re looking for hookups; if you’re looking to link others to your own profanity filled sexually degrading blog; if you’re looking for pornography; if you like articles with the word nude and teen in the same sentence; if you’re looking to get your rocks off; if you’re looking to treat others with disrespect; if you’re looking to espouse a swinging lifestyle; if you’re looking to take this blog away from where its author intended…. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Naturistthoughts is most definitely not the blog for you.  

To the many positive and thought provoking comments I’ve received since I started this blog, thank you.  It’s been great. To the regular readers who view naturism as a positive force in their lives, thanks for reading.  To the other bloggers who provide great posts, infinitely more effective than my own, I’m thankful to be in your company.  You make my writing and my thoughts just that much better.  

To that very tiny sliver who have come to this blog for entirely different reasons and feel the need to share those reasons with me….well, no thanks. Keep clicking.  Unfortunately, you’ll find what you’re looking for.  The blogosphere is large. Please find blogs that fit your interests. Don’t feel the need to try to fit a square peg in a round hole. 

Thanks for reading,


First Nude Camping Experience

Very nice article from our friends at Clothesfreelife detailing a “first time” naturist camping trip.  The author does an excellent job conveying nervousness, self-doubt, questioning and the like.  Definitely worth a read.
I’ll be honest, I’ve never been nude camping.  Camping, yes, many tines, but not camping with some nudity thrown in for fun.  But I very much want to go.  I’m inclined to simply gocamping and hiking and look for naturist opportunities rather than going to a nude camp/resort. Although I could easily decide to do the latter as well.  

I do very much like being out in nature, quiet, peaceful, nude when practical and possible, just some good hiking boots, a nice walking stick or two, and my camera to record what I find.  Bliss.