Some people view naturism as inherently risky -– What if you get caught?  What if someone sees you?  What if someone finds out?  Much like the woman above, many naturists keep their “hobby” hidden out of fear.

Those are all valid concerns….to some people, sometimes.  In other words, it all depends on the individual.  But regardless, I believe you have to respect someone’s desire for privacy.  If someone is a home nudist and that’s as far as they are comfortable with, then fine.  But those that browbeat more reserved naturists for not posting their own photos or using their name and being “out”, do a disservice to the entire foundation of naturism — honesty, openness, and acceptance.

Many naturists grow into being open about their enjoyment of being nude.  Part of that is grown from the confidence that age and maturity bring with them.  Some just comes from within.  But until that point their concerns remain valid ones, and they should be respected.  There is no one definition of a nudist or a nudist.  There is no test or certification to make you official.  You just find what works for you.


Finding a Space


Finding a space outdoors where you can safely be nude is something most every naturist goes through at one time or another.  I usually refer to it as my “nude zone”.

As I became more of a naturist, I genuinely considered an outdoor naturist space as a factor when selecting a home for my family.  Sometimes we had one, sometimes we didn’t.  But in most cases, I was always  able to carve out a little area, maybe protected by a well placed towel or lounge chair.

Naturism is often times a factor when we vacation as well.  Mind you, I’m not talking about nude resorts or nude beaches.  I’m referring to secluded or private areas where I might be able to enjoy some nude time on an otherwise non-naturist getaway.  I’ve been fortunate to make such arrangements or come across such spots on every vacation we’ve been on over the most recent years.

Naturist opportunities are everywhere….if you’re looking for them.

Naturists of the Web

In the naturist world there are all types of people.  Now and again I may hilight a few. One who always makes me laugh is a young woman from Las Vegas who goes by the online name “Wonderhussy.” Her recent  video of her hike up half dome is her in a nutshell – free spirit, daring, hysterical, and just plain fun. I doubt if we’d agree on everything, which is fine…otherwise life would be dull. But I’m glad she’s out there on the web. Give it a watch


Wonderhussy on her Half Done hike. Photo by Alec Dawson.



As wonderful as spending nude time alone is, sharing it with someone is even better.  People are wired differently and while some prefer to be on their own, the vast majority of people thrive on human interaction and companionship.  Naturists are no different.  In fact, we  desire that human interaction to the point that it’s more something we need than just want.

A common term to describe group naturist settings is “social nudism”. The idea is being with people, talking, listening, learning, interacting, socially, but also nude.  Why?  For dozens of reasons but the chief of which is that the shared nudity removes all the artificial barriers we create — status and wealth being two prominent ones.


The more, the merrier!

But to be honest, I don’t get too much into the social theory behind it all.  I’ll leave that to others.  I tend to focus on the fact that it’s fun.  Being nude is fun.  Being nude with other people is even more fun.  No surprise. Swimming is fun. Swimming with others is even more fun. Hiking is fun. Hiking with someone is even more fun. So why would naturism be any different.

Non-naturists get hung up on the “embarrassment” of being nude in front of others. For a naturist, this embarrassment doesn’t exist.  They are proud of their nudity, and don’t feel an inkling of shame over it. What non-naturists don’t understand is that being nude makes whatever you’re doing, just that much more enjoyable. It brings joy and exhilaration with it.  It’s  just a matter of taking the leap.

Being nude with that special someone, is the best thing of all.  It builds a bond that few could understand unless they’ve “been there, done that.”

There are so many articles written on the “reluctant spouse” that I will once again avoid the blogger tendency to simply repeat what was already been said.  But my bottom line — naturism is an individual choice.  For some, it’s part of their DNA and fits them perfectly.  For others, despite encouragement and even trying it a few times, it remains an awkward and uncomfortable endeavor.  That’s fine.  Life is about choices.  Accordingly, it’s important that my spouse feels free to make her choices.  My role is simply to encourage and support.


A special closeness

But sharing nude experiences fills me with happiness like few things do.  I remain frustrated that society has placed a burden on my spouse’s view of her own nudity, it terms of body image.  It isn’t right that her confidence is weakened and her opinion of her appearance is shaken, particularly by those who don’t know her or what an amazing person she is.  She is beautiful….in every way.  And when she does choose to go nude, I couldn’t be more proud, more content, or more happy





Throughout our lives, we encounter people who make a profound impact on us. Maybe it’s a parent, a friend, a coworker, a relative, or a boss. It’s someone who shapes your life, maybe with how they treat us or others, or how they live their life. Often times, their impact is unintentional on their part. Fortunately, we find ourselves in their presence, and we’re better for it.

One such group I want to highlight, worthy of special recognition are the women in our lives. I’ll call them Angels. Now, I don’t want to be accused of being sexist in any way. Angels can be male or female I suppose. But for this conversation, I’d like to focus on the female Angels.

So who are these Angels? Let me describe them. They are givers. Their first thought is how to help, how to facilitate, how to provide care and support, and how to make it easier on others. Part of what makes them click is an insatiable desire to see others succeed in whatever they do. Heard of the concept “servant leadership?” It fits them to a tee. So much of what they do goes unnoticed. It happens behind the scenes with little attention or fanfare. Quite often these Angels take steps to help with events or issues that never occur. But they were there, and they were ready, just in case. Some are spouses, some aren’t.  Some are moms, some aren’t.  Some work outide the home, some don’t.  The common thread?  Compassion, sympathy, strength, perseverance, sacrifice, and dedication are their hallmarks. Simply put, they are amazing.

It’s incredibly easy for us to simply proceed as if they weren’t there. “Everything just worked out” we say, failing to recognize or even acknowledge their efforts. Doing so is as wrong as wrong can be.

Unfortunately, these Angels can pay a price for their efforts. They can lose their identity. The very essence of what makes them who they are becomes obscured, overlooked, and taken for granted. In fact, as ugly as it seems, while we look past their contributions, we actually criticize their perceived shortcomings, the times they missed the target, or didn’t meet OUR expectations. You have to wonder, just who the hell do we think we are? They’re Angels for gods sake…and yet we’re complaining?!

As I said in my first post, this blog is generally focused on one topic, naturism. While we will cover other topics in a general sense, it’s always in relation to naturism. So what’s the link here? Simple — the body image double standard that exists in society today….something naturism stands wholeheartedly against. They’re Angels….yet they feel less than that….because of how we, society in general, condition them to feel about their bodies.

So imagine these Angels, so focused on others that they forget themselves. They forget to take time for themselves. They hear criticisms but grow deaf to compliments. They forget just how beautiful they are.

It’s a complete tragedy that so many women are incapable of seeing the beauty in their body. After years of conditioning of what “attractive” looks like on a “perfect body” they can only see flaws and shortcomings. That’s incredibly wrong.

Naturism is an outstanding means to overcome this erroneous message. Now, I’ve found that in a lot of what you read, Naturists often come across as a bit “too good to be true”, espousing complete indifference to appearance and body type. Most find that a little hard to believe. But to understand it, you once again have to break the paradigm that nudity is directly related to sexuality.

Naturists don’t approach other people, specifically other nude naturists, based on whether or not they find that person sexually attractive. They approach them as a person, a human being, tall or short, fat or skinny, whatever….. Experiencing this type of environment allows everyone, but especially women, to let go of stereotypes. They can come to see their own beauty, physical and spiritual, for what it is, rather than in comparison to some marketing driven utopia they see portrayed in society.

Simply put, we should be grateful every day for the Angels in our lives. And we should do all we can to ensure they see the beauty that is them.