Insightful post from a fellow nudie blogger on differences between European and American Naturism.

I too have observed very different approaches to nudity in general between the two regions. Very interesting.


Naturist Goals for 2017

I was asked recently by a well known naturist blogger if I was going to write a year end retrospective. I thought about it but rather than looking back, I’d rather look forward, at what I hope to do next year. To make it a bit more fun, I thought I’d do it as a photo essay. Not looking to become a photo-focused site.  God knows there are enough of those out there.  But  I thought a few photos might liven the post up.  So here it goes.

2016 has been a significant naturist year for me, but while I celebrate its triumphs and learn from its challenges, I do so as a means of preparing for 2017. In other words, what’s next…what do I want to accomplish next year? That’s my focus. Mind you, this is just the naturist stuff. My family, health, professional goals….are numerous for sure. This list is just about my 2017 naturist life. Anyway, here are some of the targets:

Share more naturist experiences with the love of my life, my wife. I’m not talking about the usual “reluctant spouse” conversations. I’m not necessarily focused on how I can get her to spend more time nude. That sounds more like convincing her to do something she doesn’t want to do.  That isn’t healthy for any relationship. Instead, I’m more focused on how I can help her have a more positive body image, how I can help her to feel good about being nude, and how I can routinely remind her of how beautiful she is and much I love her. If that means we get to share naturist experiences together more often, great. But even if it only means that she feels a bit more comfortable nude around the house, then that’s good too.

Share naturist experiences with friends.  Maybe that’s with naturist friends, maybe that’s sharing our naturist life with non-naturist friends, or maybe that’s introducing friends to naturism. Not sure. But I’d like to expand our social circle to include naturism a bit more.

Continue to find and capitalize on naturist opportunities. In other words, let, and sometimes help, naturism happen. You can’t sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you. Sometimes you have to go out and make them happen. You have to be on the look out, you have to have your radar up. And when those opportunities come along….you snatch them up, quickly, firmly, and revel in the experience.

Continue to feel comfortable in my nudity, regardless if erect, semi erect, or flaccid. I’ve written about this in a few places so I recommend you read, “What was I Scared Of” and especially “Keep Calm” for more details. But it suffices to says that I believe that an unsolicited, innocent, occasional erection should not be scorned amongst naturists. But years of conditioning bears a heavy weight. I want to continue to lighten my load in that regard.

Enjoy more freehiking. There are few things more enjoyable that trekking through the countryside au naturel.

Continue to enjoy doing everyday things nude. I’ve always enjoyed doing the mundane, the routine, the work….nude. Yard work, dusting, household fix it jobs, vacuuming, cooking, washing the car,  you name it. Doing it nude makes it like you’ve never done it before. It’s just so much more fun!

Visit Haulover Beach. Probably the most famous nude beach in the US. Well, maybe a tie with Blacks. But regardless, I’ve never been. I’d like to spend a nice day there with Mrs Naturistthoughts. Sounds perfect to me.

Continue this blog.  Blogs come and go.  When I started this one I wasn’t sure how long it would last or just where I’d take it.  But so far, it’s been fun.  So….I’d like to keep it going.  We’ll see.

So those are some of my goals.  Even though they are a bit generic, it’s always good to know where you’re headed.  Here’s to a great 2017!


A Special Time of Year

I decided to avoid the temptation to post a photo of a naturist in a Santa hat. Sorry….Santa hats, not my thing. I love Christmas though. Pretty much everything about it — the Santa Claus and presents side and the Biblical side. It’s just a beautiful time of year.  

I can’t say I see it as a very “naturisty” holiday though. I guess I’m not particularly interested in trimming a Christmas tree nude or roasting chestnuts on an open fire au naturel. But where I do find a link between naturism and the holiday season is being among friends and family. It’s definitely a time of togetherness.  

While some people prefer solitude, I’ve found over the years that people are better when with other people. I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I enjoy the quiet and peace of being alone. But being around others, particularly friends and family, is the best.

Most naturists want to be part of a naturist community on some level. Call it “social naturism” perhaps. Maybe it’s safety in numbers. Perhaps it’s just wanting to be around people who share your interests. But seeking out your herd has been part of human existence from minute one. We like being together. Being on a beach nude is great. Being on a beach nude with 10 other nudists can be even better.  

But when it comes to family around the holidays, for many closeted naturists, the two shall never meet. Years ago I remember reading a story about a woman who came out to her family as a nudist at a holiday gathering. In fact, she spent most of the evening nude once she had gauged everyone’s reaction. Not exactly a traditional holiday tale but I suppose it could happen. I’m sure this one was fictional. But it was a fun read nevertheless. I’ve looked for it since and have never been able to find it. 

But despite that unique story, many naturists long for the opportunity to be open about their nude hobby or lifestyle with family but are reluctant to. In several preceding posts I’ve made clear my position on being willing to be open with family and friends about naturism. I’ve also discussed the many fears that keep so many naturists behind closed doors. In the end, I’m a firm proponent of “it depends”. Coming out of the naturist closet isn’t necessarily right for everyone. You know you and you know your family and friends. Only you can determine what’s right for you. And around the holidays, when you have priceless time to be with the ones you love. Well….maybe naturism can wait, you know? Am I totally open with everyone on my naturist activities? No, I’m not. I do what’s right for me when it’s right for me. 

My unsolicited advice to others is to keep your eyes on the prize — finding joy and love in your life; building and fostering lasting, meaningful, caring, honest, and supportive relationships; trying to go through life baggage free…without regrets. If you can achieve those, you have something that matters…..whether clothed or nude. 

Merry Christmas to all. 

What about the kids?

A common subject discussed on the web, and not just in naturist circles, is nudity and kids. The nuance of the discussion varies — when should I stop letting my kids run around naked, when should I stop being naked around my kids, I think my child might be a nudist, is it harmful for kids to see nudity, etc….  

As a parent, I’m happy to see these discussions. Nothing, bar none, nothing, is more important than our children. My wife and I take our role as parents very seriously and do everything we can to ensure we are raising well adjusted, capable, responsible, compassionate, understanding, strong children. If I had to give up Naturism for my children, I would do it in a second….without hesitation. However, I don’t….no one does. Naturism and parenting CAN be very compatible.  

I’m not here to prescribe parenting advice to anyone. Parenting is very personal. Every family is different. No one precisely shares your background, your history, your values, your experiences. Add in those of your mate, and the mix only grows more unique. And then kids….oh yes, trust me, they are different. Different children enjoy different things. While you may steer or nudge them as a parent, you ultimately want them to find their own way. Doing so, only increases their independence and confidence.  

I’d never consider prescribing a nudist lifestyle to my family. Compulsory nudity is a guaranteed approach to build negative feelings toward nudity. That’s certainly not what I want. Each parent, child, and family must find what works for them. For me, I seek to emphasize the beauty of the human body, the normalcy of nudity, and the importance of respecting others. Accordingly, in our home nudity is acceptable and we don’t make light of it. But likewise, if it makes someone uncomfortable, we respect that as well. In the end, we seek a compromise.  

I didn’t grow up in a home where nudity was common. However, it wasn’t frowned upon either. It really….wasn’t a thing, meaning, we never really addressed it. And yet, I became a naturist. The environment in which I was raised and the values I was taught, enabled me to discover and embrace naturism. In other words, I found it on my own. I think that’s a very healthy approach and one I want for my kids, whatever naturist path they take. If they try and enjoy it, great. If they don’t, that’s fine too.  

As is well discussed, children tend to be natural naturists. Kids get it — being nude is fun and usually practical. But, it’s not always appropriate. So, naturist parents have to walk the fine line of explaining how being “nakey” isn’t always ok, that some people don’t like it, etc… If done poorly, it can lead to some pretty confusing messages.  

One of the best examples of how you can do it right I can think of, is a young family my wife and I observed while vacationing in Spain near Mojacar. As with any beach holiday, once you find a beach spot that fits all your beach requirements (waves that meet you and your kids skills/ambition, close to parking, close to restrooms, but far enough away that it’s not too crowded and you have some space to spread out) you stick with it. My family and I did just that, arriving at our usual spot around 9 every morning and staying until 12 or 1. 

Arriving about the same time every morning was a young mom and her two little girls. We eventually nicknamed them the cherubs. Their routine was straightforward. Mom would arrive wearing a while sundress, quickly taking it off upon hitting the beach, leaving her wearing small bikini bottoms, something I suspected she regularly went without in the right environment. Although a well known nude beach was nearby, this wasn’t it. And although it wasn’t uncommon to see people change on the beach, being fully nude momentarily, sunbathing nude wasn’t the norm. However, as my wife could attest, topless was. Anyway, once she was set, her two young daughters would remove their sundresses, revealing nothing underneath. Once they were loaded up with sunblock, they would play and frolic up amd down their section of beach, happily nude, completely unaware that anyone anywhere could possible have an objection to their lack of swimwear. Yeah, I know….that was Europe. Unlikely this would pass muster in the US. I agree. But nevertheless, it was a beautiful sight that our family enjoyed daily. Completely innocent and unbearably cute.  

Life is full of choices, and being nude is one of them. Some like it. Some don’t. But as a parent, I just want to make sure my kids are equipped with the right tools so they can make a responsible informed decision. If they choose naturism someday, great. If not, that’s fine too. But whatever choice they make, it will be based on a firm understanding that there is nothing “dirty” or immoral about nudity. The human form is beautiful and being nude can likewise be a beautiful thing.  

What do you think?  Leave a comment. 

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut…..

In addition to experiences, life is also about choices. Sometimes you choose to go down a path, sometimes you take a pass. For me, naturism follows this belief, just like anything else.  

Some nudists proudly proclaim that they would prefer to be nude 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Burn all the clothes!!” Yeah….me, not so much. Being nude is great. Love it. But….not all the time, not for me at least. Others cite the mantra, “nude when possible, clothed when practical”. Well, it’s closer, but I can’t say I subscribe to that one either. Being nude is possible a lot of the time….doesn’t mean I want to be nude though.  
More or less, to me, when choosing whether or not to be nude, it just depends — what’s the weather, where am I, what am I doing, how am I feeling, what’s my mood, what are my plans for the day?? I’m fine with clothes. I’m not against them and have no intention of burning my wardrobe. But likewise, I like being nude and see it as another just another option, another outfit I can wear….the most basic and, admittedly, my personal favorite outfit, nothing.  

There are some things that just go so perfectly with being nude, where being nude increases my enjoyment, exponentially — swimming, hiking, working outside, washing a car, cleaning the house, pool time, beach time, etc… Likewise, there are a few things where, for me, they just don’t mix, like eating. Ok, a small snack or a quick sandwich or something, fine. But sitting down to a meal, nude, is just totally weird for me. Can’t explain it. Don’t know why. It just isn’t my thing.  

Another one is urban nudism in general. Whenever I see photos of various urban naked bike rides or people strolling through a city nude, I just shrug my shoulders. I just don’t feel a connection to it. I have no desire to walk around a busy metropolitan area naked. I don’t feel drawn to it whatsoever. That doesn’t mean I have an issue with people who do. It just isn’t for me.  

But understanding where my naturist lane is defined, is actually quite helpful to me. It has helped me to better understand “acceptance”, a hallmark of naturism I’ve discussed several times. I’ve come to understand that while I can see some naturist experiences that I don’t feel connected to or desire to try or do, non-naturists can feel the same about those I hold most dear. Likewise, while I revel in the opportunity to hike nude, some nudists don’t find the experience enjoyable in the least. In other words, to each his own. And these differences are…ok.

This variance is what drives the several nuanced definitions of nudist and naturist. Some people like “x”, some like “y”. Some like “a”, but only in a certain environment. To others, “a” is right out, but “b” is always good. And so it goes. The key is, we are all human. And we all have free will. Accordingly, it should be no surprise that we view things differently, sometimes only slightly and sometimes significantly. Nudity is no different.  

So, sometimes I feel like being nude, sometimes I don’t. It’s a choice, like everything else. I’m just glad I see it as a choice and that I respect others choices just the same. Choice and acceptance are good things.  

The Future

One of the leading concerns among the Naturist Community is the aging naturist/nudist population. By what you hear, it would appear that spending time nude is becoming the pastime of an increasingly aged crowd. But… it?

I would agree that nudist clubs and organizations mark the average age of their clientele as well beyond “young adult” or “middle aged”. And from what you read, that trend is only accelerating. But as with any statistic, it depends on how you interpret the data. Now, this is far from an academic journal and I can’t offer reams of data to back up my conclusions. This is simply one persons opinion, based on a fair amount of reading and years of interest in Naturism.


Representative of American nudism of the 1960s and 70s

The growth of clubs in the early years of American naturism is well documented. To enjoy the naturist/nudist lifestyle, naturists had to do so in isolated areas, behind walls and fences, essentially in secret. That was partially driven by the law and partially by a desire for privacy. Nudity was far from accepted and enjoying it as a hobby or lifestyle was a foreign concept to most.


Finding naturist opportunities away from traditional clubs

Today, I can’t say things have changed all that much, at least not in the US. But…it depends. While formal nudist venues are still relatively few in number, I believe the actual acceptance of nudity has increased….significantly. As I discussed in the post Seizing Opportunities , I see younger generations as not feeling tied to clubs and organizations to enjoy naturism. Instead, they enjoy being nude when and where it strikes them — at home, in their backyard, on a hike, on a boat, on vacation, etc… They are in tune to nude opportunities and when they present themselves, they are more inclined to take them. True, this isn’t a new aspect of younger generations. Look at the 60s and 70s, Woodstock and the like. But I’m not talking about nudism as part of a counter culture movement. I’m talking about educated professionals, parents, people of faith, whoever….choosing the path so many naturists have taken before them….to be nude. They simply don’t feel the need to join an organization or go to a club to do so.

I don’t mean to single this trend out to only younger generations. A couple in their 40s or 50s who choose to give naturism a go, don’t feel obliged to seek out clubs or organizations. However, for many newcomers, such venues are much easier, once you get past your trepidation. Personally, I’m a fan of both. I love being nude out in the open, on a hiking trail or by a lake. But likewise, it’s nice to be able to go to a resort or club and enjoy nudity completely carefree, without concern. I’m of the opinion that both worlds can easily coexist.

Consequently, is the aging naturist population really a sign of declining interest in naturism, or an shift in where and how people enjoy being nude? I tend to think it’s more of the latter. There are dozens of examples of youth and young adults embracing naturism — nude restaurants, topless movements, naked parties, naked runs, naked TV shows, naked bike rides, body painting, etc. You have to wonder, are these simply over reported? Are they just marketing and advertising campaigns? Or are they representative of a normalizing, among a segment of the population, of nudity.

It’s probably a mix of all those observations and more. But among many segments of the American population I definitely see a lessening of negative attitudes toward nudity. My favorite example of that is the TV show, Naked and Afraid. When I was growing up, seeing any nudity on mainstream television, short of an occasional glimpse on imported PBS shows, was unheard of. But today, nudity is much more common with multiple shows having nudity as a central ingredient. While they do “fuzz” out everything but their butts (something that drives me crazy), nudity is still a key part of the show.

The reason I single out Naked and Afraid over other “naked TV shows” is how nudity is treated — as a non event. It’s a survival show, where they happen to be naked. My favorite part of the show is when the two people meet, naked, for the first time. It’s awkward for about 5 minutes. They quickly get over it, get to know each other as people, and get to the task at hand — surviving. They don’t continue to obsess with the other persons naked body. That message is a good one — people can be nude together and quickly and easily get past the nudity. “So maybe nude isn’t always about sex??”

So, I don’t see the naturist world as on its deathbed. Yes, it’s definitely in a period of transition. Will the more secluded rustic clubs survive? Some will. Some won’t. How about the organizations like AANR and TNS? Maybe. It’s hard to say. And yes, there are examples of locations where nudity was once allowed or tolerated, now being restricted or completely prohibited. But there are also places where it has grown. When you take a step back and look at where society has come, nudity is increasingly embraced. One last example — swimming suit trends. Look at beach ware in the Victorian era and look at today. Quite a shift.

While preparing this post I came across an article dealing with many of the same themes but in France.  Definitely worth a read.

What are your thoughts?

The Male

I read an interesting article today that’s making its way around the nudie cyber world.

It deals with the society’s differing views on male and female nudity. Now, I’ve touched on this subject a few times but haven’t fully expressed my thoughts. So…this seems like as good a time as any. Previously, in my post entitled Naturism Teaches, I mentioned that I credit naturism for enabling me to see past societal imposed stereotypes that nudity is inherently bad, and that male nudity is uber-inherently bad…if there is such a thing. In this case, there obviously isn’t.

Like most men, I’m willing to admit that I have participated in the facade when male nudity is seen or discussed — claims of being “grossed out” or displeased in a myriad of ways. However, deep inside, as a naturist, I never truly felt such emotions at all. In contrast, just as I did with women, I enjoyed seeing their nudity, the openness, the experience they seemed to enjoy.

One of the first times I truly contemplated male nudity comes to mind. As a tween, a friend and I were hired by a neighbor to help her move. The promise of $20 and some pizza was pretty enticing to a young kid. While we were moving stacks of books, boxes, clothes, and even some funiture to the truck she had rented, I came across a stack of magazines. One of the magazines was a Playgirl.

I was intrigued. I had never seen one before. So, I took a quick look through the pages with my buddy looking over my shoulder. His reaction — typical. “Ohhhh..yuck….close it…who wants to see that”. Well….I did. I wasn’t interested in any sexual way. But I thought their nudity was….cool, particularly a series of photos I recall showing men hiking nude.  That looked pretty cool to me. I didn’t feel threatened or wrong for enjoying it. But while I was already well aware of my predilection for nudity in all forms, I was far from open about it. So, I kept my thoughts to myself. But my thoughts were simply this — I enjoyed being naked, I wasn’t embarrassed about my body or the way I looked when I was nude. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. Why would I feel differently seeing other men doing the same thing? I didn’t…at all. How could that be ok if they were women, but wrong if they were guys? Simple answer….there wasn’t a difference, not to me at least. Was I attracted to one over the other?  Sure.  But this wasn’t about that. It wasn’t a sexual attraction thing for me. It just seemed weird to me that people viewed them so differently. 

Since those early years, my ability to enjoy male nudity continued to grow. I’m very comfortable in my sexuality and find it laughable that anyone views enjoying or appreciating male nudity as a sign of being homosexual. Seriously? Too outlandish to even address other that to say it’s way off base.

So yes, across society, there is definitely a double standard when it comes to male and female nudity. The chief cause is, not surprisingly, intertwined in sex. Too few can see a nude man as something good, beautiful, and simply a man enjoying being nude. It’s not something positive. To most, he’s a predator, a deviant, a problem. In contrast, female nudity generally represents beauty, elegance, purity. Nude men are often seen as vulgar, aggressive, confrontational, or even laughable….something silly, a punchline in a joke, pathetic even. I certainly don’t share those views and wish it wasn’t so….but it often is.

But here’s the secret…, and I’d be willing to speculate the vast majority of men, actually quite enjoy seeing a nude male. With no one looking over their shoulder, no one judging them, no one labeling them, no one knowing, I think most men would gladly take a look. If there is one thing men like….it’s their penis. Come on guys, admit it. Sure, not everyone I suppose but most of us are pretty big fans of our genetalia. We develop a admiring relationship with it early in life and it never leaves us. So when we have a chance to see another man’s prized possession, if for comparison sake if nothing else, yeah….you bet we want to have a look….as long as no one knows.  God forbid anyone know!  Guys, guys, guys. It’s a wonder anyone puts up with us.

Anyway….If you’ve read/viewed any of my blog you’ve seen that male nudity, appreciation of male nudity, and discussions of accepting the nude male, erect or flaccid, are all topics I fully embrace. Simply put, to me, the nude human form is beautiful…no matter your gender.

What do you think?  Leave a comment.  

Life is About Experiences

Taking a path less traveled….

I’ve always enjoyed hearing about people’s naturist experiences. Sure, theories behind nudism and persuasive arguments about naturism are good too. I’ve had a few of those in this blog. But the personal side, the “there I was” type stories also seem to hit a chord with me. I suppose that’s pretty obvious by the multiple first person accounts I’ve provided here. So, it probably comes as no surprise that I thought I’d offer one more.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always been drawn to being nude and I’ve always been especially intrigued by being nude outdoors. But while experimenting with being a home nudist is fairly easy, as long as you have the house to yourself now and again and are willing to give it a go, going nude outdoors can be a bit more daunting. Depending on where you live, logistics are more challenging. And of course, the fears creep in and are much closer to the surface — fear of being seen, fear of being caught, fear of being misunderstood, etc…  

But like most nudists and naturists, I found viable options over the years and found being nude outdoors to be every bit as enjoyable as I always thought it would be. This story is from one of my first forays into the world. My first baby steps if you will.

At the time we lived in a beautiful rented home, near the water. It was gorgeous, a lovely home set on a large piece of land, with a very large backyard that led down to a bay inlet. It was on a private road. Words such as picturesque and secluded are good descriptors. It was like a vacation home on a postcard. We just happened to get to live there.  

As was my ritual, I took our dog out at night. We didn’t have a fenced yard so she had to go on a leash. A nice evening activity in the spring and summer….not so fun in winter. But this night, it was beautiful. We hadn’t been in the house that long and it was still really warm so we had all the windows open since the house didn’t have air conditioning (didn’t need it 95% of the time).  

The night was amazingly quiet and still. As I stood there waiting for the dog to do her business, the idea suddenly popped into my head, “I could be naked out here and no one would know…..there isn’t a soul out here, if there was, I can hear them coming.” I hadn’t thought of this as a naturist opportunity…not at all. I was just taking the dog out. But like I’ve discussed before, you have to be open to naturist experiences and opportunities when they present themselves. Have your radar up. And when they pop up, take advantage of them. No regrets. No, “I should haves”. Now…here was one. I decided to take advantage of it.  

I walked back over to the house, reached inside the door and turned out the 7000 watt porch light and waited for my eyes to adjust. It actually seemed brighter without the porch light. It was a very bright night. “Ah, a full moon.” I remember chuckling…..kind of ironic.  

Let me tell you this, getting undressed when you are holding a leash is surprisingly difficult and I almost fell down numerous times. I eventually steadied myself against our car, parked in the circle drive in front of the house. Then I thought, “crap, what if the alarm goes off!” Can you imagine that visual! So, I stepped over to a tree instead and finished undressing. I wasn’t wearing much to begin with so it didn’t take long.

As I stood there, nude….well….it just felt amazing. I can’t find the right words so I’m not sure I’ll try. I felt exhilarated. It felt natural, right, and beautiful. It was a great moment. I just hung out, walked around a bit, enjoying the sensations and experience. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit nervous. I try to be a very considerate person and the last thing I’d ever want to do is offend or shock anyone, particularly my neighbor’s. So….just as I did in my naturist youth, I kept my emergency shorts in hand…just in case. I have to laugh though….can you imagine the spectacle of me trying to put them on quickly. It would have been pure comedy. But it was all for naught….no one saw, no one caught a glimpse. I was safe.  

Anyway, we eventually made our way back in. As I walked in my wife was standing in the kitchen and must have figured out what had been going on (I was dressed again by now) “Ah…..I was wondering what was taking you so long” she said. As I placed the dog’s leash down on the table I did so a bit reluctantly. I had really enjoyed the experience and didn’t want it to end. I stood there for a moment and then my “what the hell” streak took over. “I think I may go back out for a little while….maybe for a bit of a walk out back.” She looked at me and smiled. “Ok, enjoy” she replied. She was well acquainted with my penchant for naked time. But being outside was seldom explored territory. Nevertheless, she was supportive.  

When I stepped back out, I stood there for a moment, surveying the territory — quiet and still, just as before. I slipped out of my clothes once again, but much more gracefully this time now that I didn’t have the leash to contend with, and started to walk around the house, shorts in hand. I stopped for a second and then walked back to the porch, tossing my clothes down on the step by the door. With that, I turned with a smile on my face and made my way around the house and down into the backyard — all I had were my flip flops. Other than that….nude, without the emergency clothes I had always carried like a security blanket.  

As I made my way down the lawn, toward the water, totally nude, feeling the night breeze in my skin with my body swaying and moving with each step……..I was sold! As great as it was before….this was even better. An amazing feeling that people who don’t try naturism truly miss out on.  

I went all the way down to the water….I’d say, about a quarter mile from the home maybe. I stayed there a while enjoying the night, my nudity, and all the sensations they brought me. I eventually made my way back up the house. As I walked in, still nude, my wife smiled and said, “how was it….everything you were hoping for?” I simply answered, “nope…..much much more”.

To those thinking, wondering….”should I”…..”could I”…..I offer this — don’t be reckless about it, be smart, take everything into consideration, mitigate any risks. But yes….you should….yes you can. Life is about experiences.  Take advantage of them.  You won’t regret it.