Life is About Experiences

Taking a path less traveled….

I’ve always enjoyed hearing about people’s naturist experiences. Sure, theories behind nudism and persuasive arguments about naturism are good too. I’ve had a few of those in this blog. But the personal side, the “there I was” type stories also seem to hit a chord with me. I suppose that’s pretty obvious by the multiple first person accounts I’ve provided here. So, it probably comes as no surprise that I thought I’d offer one more.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always been drawn to being nude and I’ve always been especially intrigued by being nude outdoors. But while experimenting with being a home nudist is fairly easy, as long as you have the house to yourself now and again and are willing to give it a go, going nude outdoors can be a bit more daunting. Depending on where you live, logistics are more challenging. And of course, the fears creep in and are much closer to the surface — fear of being seen, fear of being caught, fear of being misunderstood, etc…  

But like most nudists and naturists, I found viable options over the years and found being nude outdoors to be every bit as enjoyable as I always thought it would be. This story is from one of my first forays into the world. My first baby steps if you will.

At the time we lived in a beautiful rented home, near the water. It was gorgeous, a lovely home set on a large piece of land, with a very large backyard that led down to a bay inlet. It was on a private road. Words such as picturesque and secluded are good descriptors. It was like a vacation home on a postcard. We just happened to get to live there.  

As was my ritual, I took our dog out at night. We didn’t have a fenced yard so she had to go on a leash. A nice evening activity in the spring and summer….not so fun in winter. But this night, it was beautiful. We hadn’t been in the house that long and it was still really warm so we had all the windows open since the house didn’t have air conditioning (didn’t need it 95% of the time).  

The night was amazingly quiet and still. As I stood there waiting for the dog to do her business, the idea suddenly popped into my head, “I could be naked out here and no one would know…..there isn’t a soul out here, if there was, I can hear them coming.” I hadn’t thought of this as a naturist opportunity…not at all. I was just taking the dog out. But like I’ve discussed before, you have to be open to naturist experiences and opportunities when they present themselves. Have your radar up. And when they pop up, take advantage of them. No regrets. No, “I should haves”. Now…here was one. I decided to take advantage of it.  

I walked back over to the house, reached inside the door and turned out the 7000 watt porch light and waited for my eyes to adjust. It actually seemed brighter without the porch light. It was a very bright night. “Ah, a full moon.” I remember chuckling…..kind of ironic.  

Let me tell you this, getting undressed when you are holding a leash is surprisingly difficult and I almost fell down numerous times. I eventually steadied myself against our car, parked in the circle drive in front of the house. Then I thought, “crap, what if the alarm goes off!” Can you imagine that visual! So, I stepped over to a tree instead and finished undressing. I wasn’t wearing much to begin with so it didn’t take long.

As I stood there, nude….well….it just felt amazing. I can’t find the right words so I’m not sure I’ll try. I felt exhilarated. It felt natural, right, and beautiful. It was a great moment. I just hung out, walked around a bit, enjoying the sensations and experience. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit nervous. I try to be a very considerate person and the last thing I’d ever want to do is offend or shock anyone, particularly my neighbor’s. So….just as I did in my naturist youth, I kept my emergency shorts in hand…just in case. I have to laugh though….can you imagine the spectacle of me trying to put them on quickly. It would have been pure comedy. But it was all for naught….no one saw, no one caught a glimpse. I was safe.  

Anyway, we eventually made our way back in. As I walked in my wife was standing in the kitchen and must have figured out what had been going on (I was dressed again by now) “Ah…..I was wondering what was taking you so long” she said. As I placed the dog’s leash down on the table I did so a bit reluctantly. I had really enjoyed the experience and didn’t want it to end. I stood there for a moment and then my “what the hell” streak took over. “I think I may go back out for a little while….maybe for a bit of a walk out back.” She looked at me and smiled. “Ok, enjoy” she replied. She was well acquainted with my penchant for naked time. But being outside was seldom explored territory. Nevertheless, she was supportive.  

When I stepped back out, I stood there for a moment, surveying the territory — quiet and still, just as before. I slipped out of my clothes once again, but much more gracefully this time now that I didn’t have the leash to contend with, and started to walk around the house, shorts in hand. I stopped for a second and then walked back to the porch, tossing my clothes down on the step by the door. With that, I turned with a smile on my face and made my way around the house and down into the backyard — all I had were my flip flops. Other than that….nude, without the emergency clothes I had always carried like a security blanket.  

As I made my way down the lawn, toward the water, totally nude, feeling the night breeze in my skin with my body swaying and moving with each step……..I was sold! As great as it was before….this was even better. An amazing feeling that people who don’t try naturism truly miss out on.  

I went all the way down to the water….I’d say, about a quarter mile from the home maybe. I stayed there a while enjoying the night, my nudity, and all the sensations they brought me. I eventually made my way back up the house. As I walked in, still nude, my wife smiled and said, “how was it….everything you were hoping for?” I simply answered, “nope…..much much more”.

To those thinking, wondering….”should I”…..”could I”…..I offer this — don’t be reckless about it, be smart, take everything into consideration, mitigate any risks. But yes….you should….yes you can. Life is about experiences.  Take advantage of them.  You won’t regret it.  


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