The Male

I read an interesting article today that’s making its way around the nudie cyber world.

It deals with the society’s differing views on male and female nudity. Now, I’ve touched on this subject a few times but haven’t fully expressed my thoughts. So…this seems like as good a time as any. Previously, in my post entitled Naturism Teaches, I mentioned that I credit naturism for enabling me to see past societal imposed stereotypes that nudity is inherently bad, and that male nudity is uber-inherently bad…if there is such a thing. In this case, there obviously isn’t.

Like most men, I’m willing to admit that I have participated in the facade when male nudity is seen or discussed — claims of being “grossed out” or displeased in a myriad of ways. However, deep inside, as a naturist, I never truly felt such emotions at all. In contrast, just as I did with women, I enjoyed seeing their nudity, the openness, the experience they seemed to enjoy.

One of the first times I truly contemplated male nudity comes to mind. As a tween, a friend and I were hired by a neighbor to help her move. The promise of $20 and some pizza was pretty enticing to a young kid. While we were moving stacks of books, boxes, clothes, and even some funiture to the truck she had rented, I came across a stack of magazines. One of the magazines was a Playgirl.

I was intrigued. I had never seen one before. So, I took a quick look through the pages with my buddy looking over my shoulder. His reaction — typical. “Ohhhh..yuck….close it…who wants to see that”. Well….I did. I wasn’t interested in any sexual way. But I thought their nudity was….cool, particularly a series of photos I recall showing men hiking nude.  That looked pretty cool to me. I didn’t feel threatened or wrong for enjoying it. But while I was already well aware of my predilection for nudity in all forms, I was far from open about it. So, I kept my thoughts to myself. But my thoughts were simply this — I enjoyed being naked, I wasn’t embarrassed about my body or the way I looked when I was nude. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. Why would I feel differently seeing other men doing the same thing? I didn’t…at all. How could that be ok if they were women, but wrong if they were guys? Simple answer….there wasn’t a difference, not to me at least. Was I attracted to one over the other?  Sure.  But this wasn’t about that. It wasn’t a sexual attraction thing for me. It just seemed weird to me that people viewed them so differently. 

Since those early years, my ability to enjoy male nudity continued to grow. I’m very comfortable in my sexuality and find it laughable that anyone views enjoying or appreciating male nudity as a sign of being homosexual. Seriously? Too outlandish to even address other that to say it’s way off base.

So yes, across society, there is definitely a double standard when it comes to male and female nudity. The chief cause is, not surprisingly, intertwined in sex. Too few can see a nude man as something good, beautiful, and simply a man enjoying being nude. It’s not something positive. To most, he’s a predator, a deviant, a problem. In contrast, female nudity generally represents beauty, elegance, purity. Nude men are often seen as vulgar, aggressive, confrontational, or even laughable….something silly, a punchline in a joke, pathetic even. I certainly don’t share those views and wish it wasn’t so….but it often is.

But here’s the secret…, and I’d be willing to speculate the vast majority of men, actually quite enjoy seeing a nude male. With no one looking over their shoulder, no one judging them, no one labeling them, no one knowing, I think most men would gladly take a look. If there is one thing men like….it’s their penis. Come on guys, admit it. Sure, not everyone I suppose but most of us are pretty big fans of our genetalia. We develop a admiring relationship with it early in life and it never leaves us. So when we have a chance to see another man’s prized possession, if for comparison sake if nothing else, yeah….you bet we want to have a look….as long as no one knows.  God forbid anyone know!  Guys, guys, guys. It’s a wonder anyone puts up with us.

Anyway….If you’ve read/viewed any of my blog you’ve seen that male nudity, appreciation of male nudity, and discussions of accepting the nude male, erect or flaccid, are all topics I fully embrace. Simply put, to me, the nude human form is beautiful…no matter your gender.

What do you think?  Leave a comment.  


2 thoughts on “The Male

  1. Agree with your thoughts, even though I too am male. Another aspect I like about male nudity (as also with female nudity) is the boundary it expands each time it is practiced. Whenever a person is nude without the aspect of sex, it’s a positive statement for nudism/naturism. It doesn’t matter if that nudity is shared with anyone else or just by the nudist alone (receiving the benefit of an emotional and/or psychological impact).


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