Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut…..

In addition to experiences, life is also about choices. Sometimes you choose to go down a path, sometimes you take a pass. For me, naturism follows this belief, just like anything else.  

Some nudists proudly proclaim that they would prefer to be nude 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Burn all the clothes!!” Yeah….me, not so much. Being nude is great. Love it. But….not all the time, not for me at least. Others cite the mantra, “nude when possible, clothed when practical”. Well, it’s closer, but I can’t say I subscribe to that one either. Being nude is possible a lot of the time….doesn’t mean I want to be nude though.  
More or less, to me, when choosing whether or not to be nude, it just depends — what’s the weather, where am I, what am I doing, how am I feeling, what’s my mood, what are my plans for the day?? I’m fine with clothes. I’m not against them and have no intention of burning my wardrobe. But likewise, I like being nude and see it as another just another option, another outfit I can wear….the most basic and, admittedly, my personal favorite outfit, nothing.  

There are some things that just go so perfectly with being nude, where being nude increases my enjoyment, exponentially — swimming, hiking, working outside, washing a car, cleaning the house, pool time, beach time, etc… Likewise, there are a few things where, for me, they just don’t mix, like eating. Ok, a small snack or a quick sandwich or something, fine. But sitting down to a meal, nude, is just totally weird for me. Can’t explain it. Don’t know why. It just isn’t my thing.  

Another one is urban nudism in general. Whenever I see photos of various urban naked bike rides or people strolling through a city nude, I just shrug my shoulders. I just don’t feel a connection to it. I have no desire to walk around a busy metropolitan area naked. I don’t feel drawn to it whatsoever. That doesn’t mean I have an issue with people who do. It just isn’t for me.  

But understanding where my naturist lane is defined, is actually quite helpful to me. It has helped me to better understand “acceptance”, a hallmark of naturism I’ve discussed several times. I’ve come to understand that while I can see some naturist experiences that I don’t feel connected to or desire to try or do, non-naturists can feel the same about those I hold most dear. Likewise, while I revel in the opportunity to hike nude, some nudists don’t find the experience enjoyable in the least. In other words, to each his own. And these differences are…ok.

This variance is what drives the several nuanced definitions of nudist and naturist. Some people like “x”, some like “y”. Some like “a”, but only in a certain environment. To others, “a” is right out, but “b” is always good. And so it goes. The key is, we are all human. And we all have free will. Accordingly, it should be no surprise that we view things differently, sometimes only slightly and sometimes significantly. Nudity is no different.  

So, sometimes I feel like being nude, sometimes I don’t. It’s a choice, like everything else. I’m just glad I see it as a choice and that I respect others choices just the same. Choice and acceptance are good things.  


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