A Special Time of Year

I decided to avoid the temptation to post a photo of a naturist in a Santa hat. Sorry….Santa hats, not my thing. I love Christmas though. Pretty much everything about it — the Santa Claus and presents side and the Biblical side. It’s just a beautiful time of year.  

I can’t say I see it as a very “naturisty” holiday though. I guess I’m not particularly interested in trimming a Christmas tree nude or roasting chestnuts on an open fire au naturel. But where I do find a link between naturism and the holiday season is being among friends and family. It’s definitely a time of togetherness.  

While some people prefer solitude, I’ve found over the years that people are better when with other people. I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I enjoy the quiet and peace of being alone. But being around others, particularly friends and family, is the best.

Most naturists want to be part of a naturist community on some level. Call it “social naturism” perhaps. Maybe it’s safety in numbers. Perhaps it’s just wanting to be around people who share your interests. But seeking out your herd has been part of human existence from minute one. We like being together. Being on a beach nude is great. Being on a beach nude with 10 other nudists can be even better.  

But when it comes to family around the holidays, for many closeted naturists, the two shall never meet. Years ago I remember reading a story about a woman who came out to her family as a nudist at a holiday gathering. In fact, she spent most of the evening nude once she had gauged everyone’s reaction. Not exactly a traditional holiday tale but I suppose it could happen. I’m sure this one was fictional. But it was a fun read nevertheless. I’ve looked for it since and have never been able to find it. 

But despite that unique story, many naturists long for the opportunity to be open about their nude hobby or lifestyle with family but are reluctant to. In several preceding posts I’ve made clear my position on being willing to be open with family and friends about naturism. I’ve also discussed the many fears that keep so many naturists behind closed doors. In the end, I’m a firm proponent of “it depends”. Coming out of the naturist closet isn’t necessarily right for everyone. You know you and you know your family and friends. Only you can determine what’s right for you. And around the holidays, when you have priceless time to be with the ones you love. Well….maybe naturism can wait, you know? Am I totally open with everyone on my naturist activities? No, I’m not. I do what’s right for me when it’s right for me. 

My unsolicited advice to others is to keep your eyes on the prize — finding joy and love in your life; building and fostering lasting, meaningful, caring, honest, and supportive relationships; trying to go through life baggage free…without regrets. If you can achieve those, you have something that matters…..whether clothed or nude. 

Merry Christmas to all. 


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