Live life…..naked!

This a short fun article about two voluptuous maidens having a fun nude experience. After reading it, I’m left with two impressions:
– The biggest draw of naturism for me is and has always been, that it’s fun! Being nude is just a kick in the pants, so to speak. At least it can be, if you let it. Letting go, cutting loose, being free….it just brings a smile to my face. It doesn’t always have to be a theory or a life philosophy. Sometimes, you just need to let it be fun!
– Naturism is for everyone! Every one of us has something about our body that we’d change if we could. I include myself in that. But you can’t let those insecurities hold you back from life experiences.  I know….easy to say, harder to do. But depending on your beliefs, most would agree that you get one shot at life. Make the most of it. So climb that mountain, don’t take any crap from anyone, stop comparing yourself to others, and engage life…..preferably naked!


Where to next?

So many naturist blogs tend to rehash the same topics over and over — why being nude is ok, how non-naturists don’t get it, erections, naturism and the family, legalities, and a few others. Admittedly, I’ve covered a few of those topics here….in fact, most of them. But I’ve tried to do so from my own perspective, using my personal story as an example. It hasn’t always been entirely well received.

I posted one of my articles, specifically dealing with erections, on Reddit. I thought I expressed myself fairly well in the article but realized that my non-standard approach to the subject would likely produce some pushback. If you haven’t read the post, I essentially argue that while erections aren’t common among naturist circles and can be a sign of ulterior motives, they can happen quite innocently and shouldn’t be viewed as a singularly disqualifying factor for men’s naturist activities. In other words, if you are nude around close friends and family and are worried about it, talk to them. Ensure they understand the honesty in your motives and what naturism means to you. Then, if they understand, and you become erect, don’t be embarrassed. Don’t feel the need to run and hide. Simply carry on. Likely, it will pass.  

This entry coupled with my article of how I came out of the naturist closet with my mother in law, also posted on Reddit, elicited some fairly accusatory replies. Ranging from me being more of an exhibitionist, to me treating my mother in law, a woman whose love I genuinely cherish, poorly by being nude around her. I knew I’d need a thick skin if I posted anything on a blog. Not everyone would agree. But reading someone’s accusations, who doesn’t know you and misrepresents or mis understands your words….it’s hard to take.  

I’ve resisted the temptation to push back and explain myself. I figure, if they didn’t get it the first time, they probably won’t the second time. I’m not about to have an argument over the Internet. So, I choose to just let it go. Life is too short and I have much more important things to do.  

But that leaves me at a cross roads….what to do next. Is this blogging thing not for me? Is this why so many naturist blogs start and then die? I’ve hit many of my personal naturist highlights. I don’t want to just keep rehashing the same material. Telling you for the 4,327th time that I enjoy being nude. I think you got that.  

But in reading another bloggers post the other day, I found some inspiration. She seemed to have arrived at the same point as I, wondering what’s next. She didn’t have much left to say on simply being nude. But on living life and how being nude fits into that, she found a direction. As I read her words, I found myself agreeing.  

So, that’s where I want to take this. I want to generally transition to a viewing of naturism as a part of my life rather than a blog simply about naturism, like a textbook explaining what it is. Instead, I’d like to focus on how it’s part of my life, how I integrate it, and part of how I approach life in general.  

In many ways, I’ve already been doing this. I didn’t just write about naturism and erections. I wrote about erections and how they fit into my interpretation of naturism and my naturist life. I didn’t just write about freehiking. I told about what freehiking means to me and told a few of my stories. So while naturism is the common link, the entires have all been focused on naturism. Instead, I may venture a bit farther out from the core topic and address other issues, but then discuss how that relates to my naturism. Yeah…that’s the ticket! Don’t just write about naturism. But write about life as a naturist!

Not sure if that makes sense or not, but it does to me. So….onward and upward!