Thinking Naked

I’m a pretty active person. I generally don’t like just laying around. I prefer to be out doing something, being active. I figure that when the day comes that you can’t be out and can’t be active, or at least you can’t do it easily as when you were young or able, you’re likely to wish you had taken advantage of opportunities when you had them. Fun, experiences, adventures, and life happen because we make them happen. So, I’d much rather be out living, than sitting.  

But even I have days where a day at home sounds pretty nice. I just want to get up, stay naked, and laze about. I feel drawn to it. I find myself hoping that no one is going to announce that someone is coming over or that we need to go out to run an errand, necessitating getting dressed. I don’t want to get dressed. I don’t want to wear clothes today. I want to be nude. I don’t want to have a list of things to get done. I just want some time to be. I want some time to think and be naked. I want to “think naked”. 

I don’t meditate personally. But I can definitely see the value in it. Time spent thinking, reflecting, and contemplating are immensely valuable and are far undervalued in society today. It’s not a matter of doing nothing. It’s a matter of giving yourself the time and privilege of slowing down and understanding all that is going on around you and how you are fitting into it. It’s turning off the TV. It’s putting down the smart phone. It’s just sitting and thinking. To me, being nude, accentuates this process.  

I find nudity to have many facets to it. On one hand, it can be exciting, fun, and exhilarating. But it can also be relaxing, enriching, and contemplative. From my earliest nude experiences, often times I just enjoyed being nude and thinking about things.  

I suspect this is part of why naked yoga has developed such a following. In a nude state, some people feel more centered and free. It isn’t the running through the fields, arms and legs flapping about, screaming “I’m naked and free”. It’s more inwardly focused, strengthening your spirit. For some, me included, being nude makes that more possible.  I find nude time helps me cut through stress and worries. I’m very comfortable being nude. As I’ve said before, I don’t feel any shame or embarrassment, even if I’m the only person nude. Instead I feel pride. Pride in what I’ve accomplished in discovering this joy. For the Survivor fans out there, it’s kind of like discovering an immunity idol. I know I can’t lose…I can’t be voted out. I’m safe.  

When I’m in this state, and feeling pride, self assurance, and centered, it’s incredibly enriching. Suddenly the impossible doesn’t seem so difficult. The challenges we all face don’t seem insurmountable. The positives, the good….they seem more colorful, more accessible, more powerful. The challenges don’t go away. But maybe they are just a little more….doable.  

This is part of why I like my weekend quiet nude morning cup of tea. The hustle and bustle of the day hasn’t caught up to me yet. TVs are off. Computers are off. Phone is away. Just me, my nudity, the morning, and my tea. Perfect. 

“Thinking Naked” — powerful, enriching, buoying. Is it part of your life? Tell me what you think.  



Your Short and Curlies

I felt the time has come for me to come out and address my thoughts on the complex, volatile, and controversial topic of pubic hair. My position is this — it’s entirely a personal choice and is therefore up to you. Do I have a preference?  Sure. But my personal opinion is entirely irrelevant.

Basically, I don’t care what you do with your short and curlies. I find it amazing that anyone cares and actually spends time advocating for their preference.  As the Mamas and the Papas said, “…you gotta go where you wanna go and do what you wanna do”. 

Naked and a Little Afraid

I quite enjoy the show Naked and Afraid.  I’ll admit, I was initially drawn to it because of the naturist aspects.  But I routinely watched other survival shows so this one wasn’t far off the mark.  My favorite part of the show is the initial nude meeting. They are always a bit awkward, not sure where to look, whether or not to hug, and just how to pull that off without their genitals actually touching.  But the part I always comment on, is that they are over eachothers nudity in a matter of minutes.  They have a lot ahead of them and they quickly realize that their nudity is completely non-sexual and not in the least bit tittilating.  They need to get on with more important matters….like living!  A good lesson for us all. 

But once they are covered with bug bites, the nudity doesn’t seem so fun.  And for gods sake people, pre-tan!  If you know you’re going to be nude out doors for 21 days, maybe you should tan those bright white bits, so they don’t become beet red bits.  Just food for thought.

I’d be interested to hear if any of the contestants viewed being nude differently after their experience on the show.  I don’t know, it’s such an ordeal, maybe they never want to me nude outdoors again.  I can’t say I’d blame them.  As for me, I’ll stick to my fun outdoor nudity and pass on the survival type.  Walking barefoot on all the thorns and biting bugs….no thanks.  So, I guess I’m naked, and a little afraid.  

Naturist Tennis

I grew up playing tennis.  I worked in a Pro Shop in college and even Instructed for a while.  So, I took the sport pretty seriously and played at a fairly high level.  I always find it amusing when I see photos of naturists playing tennis nude, and particularly barefoot.  While I’ve never played tennis nude, I’d certainly give it a go.  But barefoot?!  With any amount of decent footwork, I’d think the soles of my feet would be raw after just a few minutes, even on something more forgiving like clay or grass.  Like I’ve said, there is a time and place for everything….I’m not sure I’m ready for barefoot tennis just yet.  But this gal seems to have the right idea! 

Naturist Pictures in Context

Naturist photos can be fun and fulfilling.

How many nude photo sites do you think there are in the Internet? Millions? Tens of millions? I have no idea. To be honest, I don’t think I really want to know. Let’s just say there are a lot….a lot a lot. They fall into many different buckets — artistic, sexual, pornographic, fetish, and yes, naturist.  As I’ve stated previously, I’m a supporter of naturist photography. Actually, strike that. I’m a supporter of photography. Pictures are fun — fun to look back on, remember, reminisce, capture experiences, etc… The question is, if you are nude, does that equation change? To me, no….not a bit.  

I’ve collected many nude photos of myself on naturist adventures or enjoying naturist experiences. Likewise, I have many photos of myself fully clothed. I cherish them all. Looking back on your life is fun — “look how young she was back then”, “oh yeah, remember that restaurant with the funny waiter”, etc… Looking back on your naturist life is just as fun — “that was such a fun day”, “I hiked most that entire trail nude, it was such a wonderful experience”. Yes, I keep the naturist photos in a more secure location, but that isn’t because I’m embarrassed or ashamed of them. I simply want to control who sees them, in what context they are presented, and when.  

Preserve your naturist experiences. Imagine if this naturist had no mean of remember what had to be a memorable, exhilirating, hike.

I love my naturist pictures. Seeing myself living the naturist life is quite fulfilling. And getting to share that with selected friends and family is equally enjoyable. I did have some trepidation before I sent my first naturist photo to my sister. My concern was more in shocking or offending her, rather than embarrassment. So, we talked it out beforehand and she said that she was more than happy to hear about my experiences and see photos of the events, whether I was nude or not.  

But nude photos can come with baggage. Some can appear more sexual than others, seeming to support the misconception among non-naturists that nudity and sex are inexplicably linked. “If you’re nude, you must have been up to something”. Consequently, context matters.  

What makes a naturist photo vs some other types of nude pictures? Well, that probably depends on who you ask. To me — there is some nudity, it’s of every day life experiences, the subject doesn’t have a “come-hither” playboy type facial expression, and the focus isn’t exclusively on the genitals. It can be posed or candid. The subject can be young, old, fit, or fat, a model or just a regular person. Doesn’t matter. In the end, I feel like I know naturism when I see it.  

What about with when subjects have their legs spread apart, bent over, or men are erect? Those are sexual right? Well, while the answer is probably yes, it still depends. Is the focus of the photo, the labia, the anus, or the erection. In other words, is that what the picture is all about? Is the pose or position artificial? Then yeah, not naturist. On the flip side, is it just an everyday moment captured in a photo? Is the context broader? Then yes, it may be naturist.  

Not everyone wants to have their pictures taken, nude or clothed. Having your photo out there, nude, can be fairly unnerving to some, if not most people. Accordingly, cameras are generally frowned upon at “public” naturist venues, such as resorts and nude beaches. I agree that for the privacy of others, this is generally a good policy. But it can also limit the enjoyment of some. I for one, always try have a few pictures when I get to enjoy something new or unique, whether I’m nude or not. To have that practice stifled, is disappointing. Consequently, there should be some kind of balance if at all possible.  

Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Naturist experiences should be celebrated and remembered.

Anyway, I definitely encourage naturists, particularly new naturists, to enjoy yourselves and capture those nude moments. You’ll be glad you did. Next time your nude at home or by your pool, take a selfie or ask your significant other to grab a shot of you. Remember the moment. Celebrate it! But as always, be smart. Ensure you are trampling on the sensibilities of others. Avoid offending anyone. And be smart in how you store your pictures, and who you share them with. But don’t let your concerns keep you from enjoying what can be a very enjoyable past time.  

A Sea of Tranquility

When we hear the phrase “Sea of Tranquility” everyone’s mind, I hope, jumps to Apollo 11 and the first moon landing. While very cool, that isn’t the context I’m talking about here. “So what could this possibly have to do with naturism” you ask? 

The connection is this — naturism, often times, to me anyway, represents a tremendous calming influence. In other words, tranquility. It can make me feel satisfied, content, and just where I want to be. It helps cut through the turmoil of every day life and reminds me of our most basic state and how every day is a gift….a gift we should embrace and celebrate.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that my life is without stress and drama. No, I’m susceptible to life’s challenges just like anyone sense. And that’s fine…after all, those challenges are part of what make life worth living. There are always ups and downs. But naturism is one of the moderating forces I’m lucky enough to have. A force that pulls up the low points and restrains the high points.  

Just yesterday I was speaking to an old friend on the phone. This man, while good hearted and always willing to lend a hand and help where he can, is wound up tighter than a drum. Stress is his middle name. He seems to be in a perpetual state of anxiety. As I spoke to him, sitting there nude in my living room with him completely unaware of my naturist side, I had to reflect — there but for the grace of God, the love of my amazing wife and my tremendous children, and many other things, to include my naturist philosophy….there go I.  

How did I find naturism? Why did I embrace it? How did it become part of me? How has this gift that I so cherish completely eluded him? Easy enough to understand I suppose. I don’t for a second prescribe naturism as being right for everyone. Personal beliefs, values, culture, religion, life experiences, upbringing, education, and personality traits all help shape who we are. To some, the idea of spending time nude would not only not be relaxing, it would seem traumatic. In other words, different strokes for different folks.  

Throughout this blog I’ve used my own story as an example. About how I discovered naturism and came to embrace it as part of my life. In the end, I’m just happy that I have it as part of me and that it brings me a sense of peace and tranquility. Life is good. A life with some naturism thrown in, is great. 


As I addressed a few weeks ago, I spent some time trying to figure out where I was going to take this blog.  Where was I headed?  I knew I wanted to keep it focused on naturism but rather than just writing about aspects of naturism and nudity in general, I decided to expand the sphere to address life aspects and include how they interact with naturism.  This is my first foray into that arena.  So…here it goes.  

This morning, while sitting here sipping my tea and reading the morning news, I got up to let the dog back in the house after her morning constitutional.   In doing so, I walked past a large mirror on the sideboard in our living room.  As I did, on both the trip to and from, I looked at the reflection of my nude body as I walked past.  I did it nearly subconsciously, automatically.  I even craned around a bit to take a gander at my backside.  After I sat back down I thought about my trip past the mirror and how I had quite enjoyed seeing myself nude. Why?  Why did I do that?  Do I always do it?  

I then thought back to my “naked time” as a youth and my nude strolls around my parents home when I had the house to myself.  At the end of a long hall that led to my bedroom was a fairly large mirror.  On these nude afternoons I would always gaze upon my nude body as I walked to and fro.  Some additional introspection helped me understand that this wasn’t some evidence of extreme vanity.  Instead, it was the beginning of my love of naturism.

As a youngster growing up in the 1970s and 80s, information on naturism and nudism wasn’t exactly plentiful.  But whenever I did come across a tidbit, usually accompanying a photo with signs, rafts, chairs, and the like strategically covering up genetalia, buttocks, and breasts, I was always so intrigued.  I couldn’t help but wonder, even fanticize, about a world and a life where you could just walk around nude, just as I did at home sometimes.  Seeing myself in the mirror, apparently living that life, with my nudity on full display, rather than hidden like some kind of punchline to an off color joke, was something I took tremendous pride in.  And I guess…..I still do today.

I wish everyone felt the same pride and enjoyment when they see themselves nude.  It isn’t necessarily about how you look.  It isn’t about 6-pack abs or bulges or wrinkles.  It isn’t about penises or breasts.  It’s about confidence, pride, self esteem, and joy.  

So, I’m not going to get rid of the mirrors.  And I’m going to keep right on looking.  Not because I’m vain.  But because I like what I see — a naturist.  A confident, proud naturist.   I’m happy to see myself nude.  It reminds me that I’ve found something wonderful. 

Nude Mornings

To me, early mornings seem synonymous with “nude time”. One of my favorite pastimes is to enjoy an early morning cup of tea, au naturel, as the sun rises and the day begins.  The tranquility, peacefulness, quiet, are all enhanced somehow with being nude.  It’s as if they feed off eachother.  As a budding naturist, some of my first nude experiences took place on early mornings before everyone else got up when I simply chose to take off my pj’s and play nude.  Why?  It felt right and I just wanted to.  I suppose I’ve never lost that desire.  

Nakedness can be Normal

Nice first person (link below) account of discovering that nakedness can be normal.  It’s amazing what different cultures and attitudes can teach you.  Once while eating lunch at a beachside cafe in Spain, I observed a woman casually take off her wet swimsuit on a non-naturist beach and place it on her umbrella to dry while she put on a spare suit she had brought with her.  She didn’t appear concerned or embarrassed in any way, nor did any of the other beach goers. On another occasion I saw a Spanish girl use the beach shower completely nude, before drying off and putting on a beach dress after a morning at the beach. The people waiting to use the shower, all ages, male and female barely seemed to notice.  So yes….nakedness can be normal.

Why It’s Good To Be Naked In Public