Nude Mornings

To me, early mornings seem synonymous with “nude time”. One of my favorite pastimes is to enjoy an early morning cup of tea, au naturel, as the sun rises and the day begins.  The tranquility, peacefulness, quiet, are all enhanced somehow with being nude.  It’s as if they feed off eachother.  As a budding naturist, some of my first nude experiences took place on early mornings before everyone else got up when I simply chose to take off my pj’s and play nude.  Why?  It felt right and I just wanted to.  I suppose I’ve never lost that desire.  


One thought on “Nude Mornings

  1. Very beautiful nude drawing. This drawing says a lot of Naturist and it is a good thing to be able to let it all free. Also a very good way to wake up in the morning! Love your drawing and the background.


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