What’s the Story?

Such a great naturist photo. Actually, it’s just a great photo period. You’re left to fill in the blanks — who is she with? Are they naturist? Where is she? A naturist resort or campground? Maybe a club?  

In my version — she has created a naturist opportunity where one didn’t exist. Maybe she’s in Spain or Crete, in the countryside. It isn’t a naturist venue but not many people are around and those that are, are far from prudish. So, she elects to be nude, as she clearly has done many times. She’s always prepared…sitting on her very cool custom naturist towel while she enjoys some wine. 

What’s your read?



WordPress puts out a word every so often in their news feed. Their objective is for people to express their thoughts regarding that word. I haven’t participated, choosing instead to only torture my readers with my haphazard writing style, vs all of the WordPress community. But I do like the concept. Recently, I authored a blog entry entitled “Perseverance” that followed this approach. Granted, WordPress didn’t put out the word, I just picked it. I think on occasion I may continue this approach and today is one of those days. I’ve selected the word “inhibition” for today.

When I think of inhibition I think of synonyms like shyness or self consciousness. It’s holding back, being leery, reticent. For budding naturists, inhibition is an obstacle that many run smack into. But unlike more tangible obstacles like legal issues, family disapproval, or incompatible living arrangements, inhibition is usually entirely within the persons own psyche.  Fear and self doubt inhibit us.

The opposite of inhibition, being uninhibited, is a term that is often applied to naturists. After all, if you’re comfortable walking around nude, chances are not a whole lot holds you back. But today I saw a video that gave me an additional thought regarding being uninhibited. Unfortunately, it was a non-naturist video, disguising itself as one. I didn’t watch much as it had much more of a exhibitionist vibe that I didn’t particularly care for. But how it connected with being uninhibited is the actual physical aspect of being nude — the uninhibited feeling of walking nude. I jokingly refer to it as “the sway”. Whether male or female, if you’re a naturist, you know what I mean. 

The first time I actually got to walk any significant distance outdoors nude, was the first time I encountered the sway. I’m a tighty-whitey briefs guy so things don’t sway in my normal work attire. I’m ok with going commando in many situations but my usual day-in day-out attire includes briefs. But getting to walk nude outdoors, with the breeze and all, totally unencumbered and unrestrained….well, the sway surprised me. It was a sensation I quickly grew to love.  

So as a naturist, am I totally uninhibited? No. I’m not sure anyone really is. I still have the lane I operate in and boundaries I respect. Just because I define nudity boundaries differently than most, doesn’t mean everything goes out the window. But compared to most, and as a naturist…sure, I’m fairly uninhibited. After all, considering I’m sitting out on my patio nude typing this…I suppose that answers the question.  

Tell me about a naturist experience where you felt particularly uninhibited. 

Memorial Day

It would seem a stretch to link naturism with Memorial Day, a holiday in the United States honoring servicemen and women who gave their lives in the service if their country. But in actuality, today is the perfect day to think about naturism.  

Freedom is a precious commodity. It doesn’t come without sacrifice. Naturism is one of the many freedoms I enjoy, albeit with some limitations. This morning I sit outside, nude, sipping my tea, feeling grateful for the soldier, sailor, airman, marine, and coast guardsmen who enabled this to happen. 

I read from a free press. I worship a God of my choosing. I pursue the life I want. I believe what I chose to believe. And yes….I enjoy the nude body God gave me.  I write naturist words that speak of harmony, peace, beauty, love, respect, tolerance, understanding, exhiliration, excitement, enjoyment, and enlightenment.  I do all this on the blood, sweat, tears, toil and sacrifice of others.  I….we, owe them.  Thank you…well done.  

Discussing Naturism

Yesterday I had one of the most openly honest naturist moments of my life. As I sit here, sipping my tea on my deck watching the sunrise, and begin to type out a few words about the experience, I know I will likely miss the target. I won’t be able to explain how much it meant to me or how much I enjoyed it. But I’ll give it a shot.  

My mother in law is currently visiting. She is aware if my occasional naturist lifestyle and has seen me nude many times. She has said repeatedly that she is very comfortable with my nudity and that it doesn’t offend her or make her uncomfortable in any way. But yesterday we found ourselves at home alone for a good chunk of the day, while the rest of the family was out doing various things. As is my standard on a weekend, I was nude. When I’m in a nude mood and there’s no reason to get dressed on a weekend, I frequently spend the majority of the day au naturel, getting dressed only when required. And this weekend, a nice three day weekend at the end of a busy week…well, I was definitely in the mood for some relaxing naked time.  

But while my MIL is accustomed to the site of me nude, we haven’t spent a lot of time together, just us, with me nude. So, I wondered…should I just get dressed at some point? I certainly don’t want to make her uncomfortable and wear out my nudist welcome. So, taking my own advice — I just asked.  

“Mom, I’m just going to stay nude today I think. Is that ok? Would you be more comfortable since it’s just us….if I just got dressed?”  

“Of course it’s ok. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Enjoy yourself.” 

So, with renewed confidence I took my nudie towel and relocated to the living room where she was sitting, and spent the day talking about various subjects, including naturism. While she knew of my naturist tendencies and had a very general understanding of what naturism was, we had never really discussed it in any detail. But on this day we did.  Nothing was off limits.  I explainersome of my experiences, how I came to discovering naturism, some of the barriers I had overcome, what it provided me, etc…  

I especially enjoyed letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak, regarding times I had gone nude when she lived with us.  Times I had sunbathed nude in the backyard and had wondered if she had seen me.  She found it quite humerous, the lengths I had gone to respect her privacy so as to not offend her, while still enjoying myself. But as she pointed out time and time again, she wouldn’t have been offended in the least.  As she always has said, she very much enjoys my being nude.  Not because of the visual, but because of the trust and love it signifies between us.  

Throughout the conversation, she listened intently and asked a lot of good questions. It went so well that I ultimately even brought up the discussion of erections.  How many people have discussed that with their Mother in Law?! Not many I’d imagine.  I simply asked, “mom, undoubtedly you’ve noticed that I’m erect sometimes when I’m nude.  It’s not something I bring on intentionally.  I hope it doesn’t offend you”. 

Her reply?  Even more that I could have ever hoped for.  “Oh heavens no.  I know you’d never do anything to offend me.  It’s totally natural.  And, well…..its beautiful.  Not in a sexy way….you know what I mean. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”   If I ever needed a vote of confidence that erections could be viewed as a non issue in entirely non-sexual settings, there I had it.  

It was one of the most open conversations I’ve ever had about the subject. It was so wonderful to have someone interested in what I had to say about it, and supportive to boot.  

That night I was rejuvenated and heartened to think of what could be with future conversations with other friends and family. As I’ve said hundreds of times — trust your gut, trust your family and friends, trust your beliefs, trust yourself. In this, my most recent example, it was definitely worth it.  

Naturist Love

I wrote an entry recently about the “reluctant spouse” detailing how naturism is sometimes a one sided affair. It’s certainly understandable. Its not everyone’s cup of t. I had one reader on Reddit respond that he essentially supported encouraging a significant other, more out of love, helping them get past “nude phobia”. Consequently, he felt that persistence is ok.  

Generally I agree. Persistence is ok. However, there is a fine line between being persistent and badgering someone. That line is going to vary among couples. They just have to know where it is and be cautious not to step over it. Doing so, going too far, can actually create more damage.

But love among naturists, where both share an enjoyment of life experiences au naturel, is a beautiful thing. Although, love is love. It isn’t as if love among naturists is stronger than non-naturists. After all, people can be deeply in love and stay dressed. However, I do believe that naturist love is incredibly enriching and can connect people on a level non-naturists would find hard to duplicate. In other words, it’s just different. At least, it can be. 

Looking back, the naturist experiences I have shared with Mrs Naturist Thoughts are some of the most wonderful bonding experiences of our lives. I think we were closer, more in synch, more connected. It wasn’t just because she looked so beautiful nude….which she always has and always will.  But it was just like we went to a different level.  They are memories I will always cherish and always hope to have again.  

So, naturist love is wonderful. But so is non-naturist love. I’m a believer of focusing on love first and foremost. If naturist experiences become a part of it, great. But if not, it’s better to have love, than none at all.  

Naturism Next

Our friends over at Naked Wanderings posted another great article entitled Nudism 2.0, part of an informal series they have penned addressing the future of nudism. They are good, thought provoking posts, as most all of us bloggers are shooting for. I encourage you to go over and give them a read if you haven’t already. (Naked Wanderings) And oh yeah…if you have something to add, make a comment. We bloggers love comments, especially when they add something to the conversation. Anyway….back to our regularly scheduled program. 

I’ve addressed the topic of where naturism is headed in a general sense a couple of times throughout Naturist Thoughts. But as a general summation and in agreement with Naked Wanderings, I definitely believe the future of nudism and naturism is changing. The key word is changing, not dying.  

In order for something to endure, it has to have a certain degree of flexibility. Call it evolution, growth, keeping up with the times, morphing…whatever. The point is that it can’t remain static and rigid. Things that do, tend to fall out of touch, are increasingly viewed as “old school”, wither on the vine, and fall out of favor, particularly with younger generations.  

Consequently, the fact that naturism is changing and adapting, is a positive. It keeps naturism vibrant. However, many of the changes observers focus on, particularly in the United States, don’t seem very positive on the surface — aging naturist population, closed naturist clubs, declining formal naturist organization memberships, decreased ability to enjoy public lands nude, and lack of growth of nude beaches. To some, these serve as indicators of the decline of naturism, perhaps even its eventual demise.  

However, focusing on lagging indicators such as these can be misleading and discouraging. Among leading indicators, I find a great deal of optimism for naturism. One of the primary reasons for my optimistic attitude is an increased acceptance of nudity among younger generations. Now, as soon as some people read that, they will come up with 20 data points they believe prove just the opposite, that nudity is less accepted, even demonized today. Ok, got it. On occasion it undoubtedly has been. But among younger generations today, I see a much more casual, laissez faire, “it’s not a big deal” approach to simple nudity. Not everywhere, not everyone. But compared to say, 30 years ago, it’s definitely more accepted. These younger generations seem to have a greater awareness and acceptance of the benefits of naturism. In other words, they seem to get it — being nude can be harmless, fun, and an overall good thing for a persons mental and physical well being, and our culture as a whole.  

Look at television — Naked and Afraid, Naked Dating…. Where were those 30 years ago? Even among mainstream shows, the sight of a nude buttocks was unheard of. Now, it’s acceptable. How about movies — what would have garnered a R rating in my youth, any nudity no matter how brief, now may only earn PG-13. The taboo of male frontal nudity and the X rating it would have earned, is slowly, very slowly, becoming more acceptable. Furthermore, celebrity nudity is more prevalent, like it or hate it. Yes, not all depictions of nudity in the media, in fact most depictions, are far from positive and have second and third order effects, namely the continued sexualization or simple nudity. But the point is that nudity isn’t the “third rail” it used to be.  

So, how do I see the naturist future? In some areas, some cultures, and among some populations (my caveat of “it depends”), I see a growing “live and let live” approach where simple, casual, non-sexual nudity may become more acceptable and common — Increased clothing optional beaches, more laissez faire approach to nudity on public lands, continued easing of what is viewed as obscene and inappropriate on television and movies (I’m still hoping for a non-pixilated version of Naked and Afraid). Can I point to data showing that to be the case?  No, I can’t.  Undotunately, there is more data that states the opposite.  But the data for the years to come has yet to be written.  This is just my gut feeling.  

Additionally, I see younger generations taking naturism into a more active, athletic, outdoors, social activity. This doesn’t mean naturists will turn away from lazing by a pool or on a beach. That will always be popular. And it doesn’t mean younger generations will unblushing and abandon their electronic gadgets and games.  But things like nude hiking, boating, running, cruising, parties, BBQs with friends, volleyball, biking, will be viewed less as a strange fringe activity. Nude resorts, or mainstream resorts with nude options will grow and become more common. The idea of a nakation will grow, as will simply including nude activities or options on otherwise non-naturist vacations. It will be less about simply being nude and more about doing something while nude. 

Budding naturists today have the power of the Internet at their disposal.  They can read and learn.  They can ask questions. They can find out where to go to experience naturism.  They can get “first time” advice.  That empowering of new naturists should be seen as a gift to the naturist community, to help it grow.  

Without taking Naturist Thoughts into the political realm, I do have concerns over the recent direction of the United States culture. The decreased role of listening, accepting, and understanding other views certainly doesn’t lend itself to naturism gaining tolerance or acceptance among critics. The angry rhetoric and unwillingness to even listen to, let alone, accept ideas other than your own is very worrying. But, I have faith than freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will prevail. Accordingly, the naturist evolution will continue.

So, will more naturist clubs close? Will Naturist Organization membership decrease? Will the naturist population continue to age? Unfortunately, yes, perhaps, to all three. But likewise, will younger generations continue to become more non-chalant toward nudity? Will outdoor nude activities grow in number, frequency, and attendance? Will non-sexual nudity continue to find its place in mainstream media such as Television and the Movies? Yes, once again, to all three. So, I don’t see naturism as dying. Naturism is simply evolving and changing. The question is, can we have any impact on where it’s headed?

Our job is to help put a face on naturism. To help non-naturists understand that nudity is a positive, not a threat. We can help enable future naturists through our writings, through our word, and through our actions. We can support naturist organizations who advocate for our views. We can help new generations understand the role such organizations play and how their existence and support helps naturism as a whole. We need to not fear the evolution of naturism. We need to understand it, help shape and guide it where necessary, but ultimately support it if naturism is going to survive. 

The Reluctant Spouse

One of the most discussed issues in naturist circles is the “reluctant spouse.” The majority of the time, it’s the man complaining that his female spouse or significant other doesn’t want to participate in his naturist lifestyle, either at home, at the beach, on vacation….whatever. Countless articles, blog posts, and message board comments have been written on the subject. So on the surface, there wouldn’t seem to be much left to say. But as is my standard, I don’t always fall in line with standard naturist thought so I figured I should type down a few words on the topic.  

First and foremost, a reluctant spouse, is your spouse first. Drop the word reluctant. He or she has free will and can pick and choose lifestyle traits just like anyone else. You chose naturism….chances are they didn’t. Yes, they chose you and naturism is part of you. But that doesn’t mean they are going to be drawn to it as you are. Does your significant other participate in all your hobbies and lifestyle choices? Does he or she play golf or fish like you do? Does he or she like to read or cook like you do? Are they considered “reluctant” as a result? No, of course not. 

What many naturists hope for — a shared love of being nude. But what about when that doesn’t happen?

Your spouse is one of the most important people in your life. Of all the things that bond couples together, I always find it amazing when naturists complain in an accusatory fashion, almost blaming their spouse, sometimes strongly, for not going nude. Going nude is a leap for some people, a big leap. This is especially the case for many women. Body image, years of emotional conditioning, societal norms are just a few of the forces working against someone saying, “hey, that sounds like fun….I think I’ll give it a try”. Naturists have to acknowledge and accept that.

Does that mean you don’t suggest the spouse try naturism? You don’t encourage? No, of course not. But there is a big difference between suggest and guilt, encourage and cajole. It’s all in the messaging and the willingness to understand their perspective. Naturists have to understand that the answer may be no. And depending on how aggressively they pursued it, and perhaps continue to do so, that can create a rift in the relationship. Not worth it! So, caution and deliberate thought is the rule of the day.  

Naturism can be incredibly strengthening to a relationship. Sharing nude experiences creates a uniquely strong bond.

I feel some connection to those naturists whose spouses don’t share their interest. Because while I am obviously a naturist, my spouse is fickle on the subject at best. We’ve enjoyed many naturist experiences together but they tend to be on vacation or special occasions. Body image and confidence in being nude are significant detractors for her. I’ve done my best to understand and respect that.  

So what do I do? Complain? Try to raise the stakes and guilt Mrs Naturistthoughts into being nude more often? No….not a chance. This is the most important person in the world to me. And although I would literally give anything for her to embrace naturism as I have, making this into a big issue between the two of us would be the wrong step. All I can do is be supportive in every way possible. While it does genuinely sadden me to not share this love, it never was nor did I ever think it would be a central bond in our relationship. I always viewed it as what could have been the icing on the cake.  

But fortunately, Mrs Naturistthoughts is very supportive and accepting of my nudity and naturist lifestyle. She very much understands what my brand of naturism is all about and completely supports my nude activities. It’s one of the many reasons I consider myself to be a very lucky man. I have no doubt that if I suggested visiting a nude beach or resort, she would join in. But as part of everyday life, of her own volition, she is much less inclined.  

Many naturists dream, mine included. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than walking nude, down a beach, hand in hand with my soulmate.

I do still have hope that Mrs Naturistthoughts will someday come to embrace naturism as I do. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. But until then I’ll continue to enjoy naturism, albeit usually solo. And I’ll continue to share my naturist thoughts and experiences with her, reminding her ever chance that I have, that she is the most beautiful creature in the world, that her nudity is something I cherish more than anything, and that I support her decisions. She should feel nothing but pride, beauty, contentment, and confidence when she’s nude. Perhaps someday she will come to see that on her own. 

So, fellow naturists….take it easy on your spouses. Encourage, support, and empower. Don’t guilt, cajole, or try to convince. Respect their decisions. Still enjoy your lifestyle and find common ground. If you do it right, you never know….someday your soulmate may join you.

What are your experiences?  Leave a comment.


Among the many human qualities, perseverance stands out to me as being especially important. Perseverance is generally defined as “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.” Having the ability to soldier on, stick to what you believe is right, and overcome obstacles to achieve a goal is a critical component to life.  

History is full of stories where people found themselves on the wrong side of advantage and had to persevere to succeed. Think of the inventors for instance, the Edisons, Bells, Wrights, and Gates. How many unsuccessful attempts did they have before they succeeded? Yet they kept going. Why? Many reasons I’m sure, but ultimately, the unwavering desire to succeed, to achieve their goal, motivated them, drove them, and enabled them to persevere.  

Without a doubt, many naturists share a perseverance streak. It comes thru in a few different ways. First and foremost, naturists persevere to embrace as beautiful, enriching, and wholesome, a practice most of society rejects as an oddity, namely the enjoyment of non-sexual nudity. We embrace what others reject. While everyone’s path to naturism is different and decidedly their own, undoubtedly each naturist had some difficulties, obstacles, or discouragements along their path. Perhaps it was an unsupportive parent, sibling, or friend. Perhaps it was a legal issue. Or maybe, as is often the case, it was our own self doubt. But the key is, we continued to move forward. We continued to see naturism as a hobby or lifestyle worth pursuing. Just like Edison, the benefit of success is simply too big a draw to pass up.  

As for me, I’ve never really had any personal detractors. No one I’ve discussed naturism with has rejected it or me. However, I’ve also been very cautious in who I discussed it with, essentially trying to control my own destiny. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had obstacles. When considering my own background, I can easily identify two.

First, as mentioned previously, was my own self doubt. As a young man, I was overly concerned with how others might judge me if they became aware, either intentionally or accidentally, of my penchant for being nude. What would they think of me? Would I disappoint them? I have to admit, this was a formidable obstacle. In the end, I simply came to realize that I needed to have more trust and faith in those most important in my life, myself included. Trust that even if they didn’t approve of naturism, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t approve of me. Does that mean I now share my naturist side with everyone? No. I didn’t, and still don’t, see the point in that approach, for me personally at least. I tell who I want to tell, when I want to tell them. But the point is, I don’t fear their reaction or their judgement. Maybe they won’t approve, maybe they will. But regardless, that is their choice. It won’t make a good or bad person.  

As mentioned a few times in this blog, my tendency to, occasionally, become partially or fully erect when nude was also an obstacle that required me to persevere. I have always been a big believer in the non-sexual enjoyment of being nude. And I definitely see the sexualization of mere nudity as a significant obstacle not just to naturism, but to our culture as a whole. But how to balance that position with the fact that when nude I often times would gain and lose erections. Was I really a naturist? Was I fooling myself and others?  

Just as with my other obstacle, self doubt, trust ended up being the key to overcoming this obstacle. First, trust that I will not always be erect when nude. As we all know, it isn’t that common and it doesn’t happen all the time. So, don’t sweat it so much. But additionally, and in a break with more traditional naturist thought, be ok with gaining and losing erections while nude. Basically, it’s ok. It isn’t the end of the world. You don’t have to run and hide, like you’ve done something wrong or failed somehow. It’s ok. Trust your beliefs and principles and trust those you choose to be nude around. Don’t let this one aspect spoil what is one of the most enriching parts of your life. The end result, being a naturist, is once again, totally worth it.  

Consequently, naturists have well developed perseverance skills. While the story may change from person to person, the common theme remains the same — the benefit we recognize, embrace, and enjoy…..the carrot at the end of the stick…..it’s worth it. And only speaking for myself….thank god I persevered. I’m definitely better for it.  

So what’s your story of perseverance? Body image? Parent or significant other lack of support? A bad experience? Leave a comment.  


My followers already know my position on this subject so I won’t repeat it in its entirety.  But I came across a photo (below) this morning, after reading another blogger’s post regarding the differnces between naturist photos, nude photos, and sexual photos.  So, I was left with the question, which one of those categories does this photo fall into?  

Many, if not most, would say it is a sexual photo since the man is clearly erect.  I mean….if he’s erect, it must be sexual right?  Because, why else would be erect other than there’s some sexy, gettin’ busy, pervy, porno type action going on….right?  

Well, maybe?  I don’t know.  It’s just a picture.  Kind of hard to draw a lot of conclusions from just one picture.  But I have to say, the only aspect that makes you think sex, is his erect penis.  If he was flaccid, would any naturist view this as anything other than a simple photo of an older naturist couple?  But change the angle of the dangle and everything takes on a new meaning.  

I simply just don’t buy it.  Actions speak louder than words and I just cant imagine condemning a man because of the state of his penis.  What is he doing?  Is he behaving in a sexual manner?  Is he encouraging the erection?  Is she?  Sure doesn’t look like it. 

To me, this is a wonderful, non-sexual, naturist photo of a couple enjoying the sun, some juice (perhaps with an additional additive), and their nudity.  His erection is completely inconsequential.  You can’t judge a nude man simply by the state of his penis.  Can you be a little more cautious until you can determine motives and behavior?  Sure.  Who wouldn’t.  But connecting dots with only one data point just doesn’t make sense to me.  Perhaps as a naturist who does occasionally become erect in non-sexual naturist situations, I’m biased.  But I say, nude on my friend, nude on.  


I love this picture.  Serves as a great reminder that naturism, at its core, is just plain fun.  It enriches us and makes good things great.  Look at these two naturists, running nude through a field…those smiles tell the story!