Naturist Training

Avid and well regarded naturist writer Will Forest authored an interesting article in his blog, Naturist Scribe, this week addressing naturist “training” . In other words, a process of gradually exploring the naturist lifestyle rather than just diving into the deep end.  

I think this “process” is something many can relate to. After all, as Will points out, we train for most everything — research, asking friends, reading “how to” books or blogs, getting beginner equipment, lessons, etc…. Why should naturism be any different?  

Learning the do’s and dont’s of freehiking

Ive written many times on that “first step” every naturist takes. Not their first time at a nude beach, club, or resort, although that is certainly a watershed event. But their first time choosing nude, accepting it, admitting that they want it, embracing it, rejecting societal labels. For all of us, that is a big moment. From my perspective, that’s your first “lesson”. 

For many naturists, that “lesson” happens quite innocently, often times as children, where we simply choose to be nude because we like it. Usually, no one tells us about it or shows us how, when, or where. We just discover it.  

As an early riser for most of my life, I distinctly remember as a young child, on early summer mornings, before anyone else was awake, choosing to play with my toys nude. Why? Because I liked it. Basic as that. Did anyone teach me or show me? Did I hear about it from someone else? No, I seriously doubt it. I was just drawn to the idea of being nude. But likewise, I knew to dress before anyone else got up and discovered me and my clandestine hobby.  

But later in life, I did informally train myself as a naturist as I began to explore more and more nude opportunities, expanding my horizons. First time nude with someone else, first time telling someone about it, first time outdoors, first time swimming, etc…. Those events didn’t just happen, they were things I gradually worked up to and sought out. Furthermore, I learned the naturist vernacular, discovered its principles, and was trained on naturist etiquette.  It’s a process all of us go though.  Some are taught or mentored by others, some travel the road solo.  But we all train.

Coming to enjoy everyday tasks nude is something all naturists eventually discover

Today, my training continues as it does for everyone. Part of life — becoming a better person, a better father, better husband, and…..a better naturist. To get better, you have to train and practice. Fortunately, practice is fun!


Good Advice….Maybe

There’s a very interesting article making itself known among the naturist community.  It involves a number of Brittons enjoying the warm weather in their back gardens au naturel.  Apparently that has upset some neighbor’s to the point that the police are getting a significant number of calls.

The naturist in me can’t help but ask, calls for what?  Because someone is nude on their own property?  I’m not about to walk nude down the High Street but sunning nude in your own garden hardly seems worthy of law enforcement involvement.  Did they try discussing it first — “could you please be more discreet….I don’t want to see you nude”?  Maybe they did and calling the police was a last resort.  Can’t tell from the article.

Having a “naturist zone” in your backyard where you can be nude is always a plus.

But neighbor’s have to be able to coexist.  Not saying they have to be lifelong friends, although that’s nice.  But there has to be a certain amount of give and take.  Obviously I’m ok with backyard nudity.  But, trying to see it from their perspective, I’m certainly more than willing to be discreet.  But likewise, please be wiling to respect my beliefs and seek a compromise.  

I’ll be honest, I’ve never had to have the “naturism” talk with a neighbor.  But as mentioned in my last post, there were some that I suspected would have been more understanding than others.  Over the many places we have lived, I’ve either chosen to be very discreet, conversation not necessary, or to forgo outdoor naturist activities while we lived there.  Simply put, my naturist activities weren’t important enough to sour relationships with neighbors who, although nice people, I knew would not understand.  I simply found other means of enjoying my naturist pastime.  

However, I absolutely loved the advice provided by the Police “Budding naturists are encouraged to have a chat with their neighbours and explain that they: want to sunbathe without clothes, have no wish to offend them, will be discreet and hope they will not object.”  It’s a sound approach.  But you have to know you’re neighbors.  Some might be receptive, willing to compromise, tolerant.  Others, not so much.  In fact, in some cases, bringing the subject up, out of the blue, might actually create a problem where one didn’t exist previously.  

My unsolicited advice is simply this.   

Naturists — Explore your back gardens for safe outdoor naturist areas.  Being nude outdoors is a wonderful experience and worth it, even in a limited capacity.  Be willing to be discreet for the sake of your neighbors.  If you have a good relationship and suspect they might be understanding, bring it up, ask!

Neighbors — It’s a human body.  Just like yours.  Don’t make a big deal out of nothing.  Be willing to understand and compromise.  They promise to be discreet.  They aren’t up to anything naughty.  They are the same good neighbors you had before….just naked.  

Opportunities Lost?

I saw the above photo today and, with its very retro feel, it reminded me of an experience I had years ago, although not as far back as this picture. Mine was in the early 2000s, not the ’70s. Nevertheless, I thought I might share.

At the time, my family and I were living in New England. We were renting a beautiful house on a large plot of land, more or less in the country. The house was very open with lots of windows and beautiful views. Although we had neighbors, they were fairly far away. To you all, my fellow nudies, you can connect the dots — this was a very naturist friendly home. 

On this day, it was absolutely beautiful. Warm, sunny, clear, with a gentle breeze….perfect. We didn’t have air conditioning but on a day like this you didn’t need it. With the windows and doors open there was plenty if airflow through the house.

I had some work to do and was the only one home. As was typical on a day at home, particularly one alone, I was nude. It felt wonderful, relaxing, and enjoyable.  The openness of the house made it feel like being outside, even though I was inside doing some reading. 

I got up to get a drink and paused for a moment, looking out the windows at the back of the property, down towards the inlet behind the house. Could it be any more beautiful and perfect than this? I walked on to the fridge and opened it up to see what we had. The fridge light further illuminated my nude body as I took a moment glancing down. I loved being nude, particularly when I could be so open about it. What a great day.

Just then there was a knock at the screen door. “Someone’s here” I thought. “No one comes by our house”. 
My eyes darted in that direction since it was only about 10 feet away. There stood our neighbor. She was holding a box and looking right at me. I quickly debated about whether or not she could see me and the fact that I was nude. Was the sunlight on the screen blocking her view? She was a nice older woman, a widow who was in the process of moving. I stood frozen for a moment or two longer, slowly closing the fridge door to decrease the backlighting of my nude form.  

She glanced away slightly and called out, “hello there, it’s xxxx from next door”. 

“Just a moment” I called out. When I did she looked right at me again. I was convinced she could see me.  

I had a choice. Back up and run to put something on or just go answer the door. The former was the obvious choice. I could quickly thrown on shorts and a t-shirt and be right back. It was the considerate and polite thing to do. After all, I didn’t want to shock her. She was a nice lady.  

So I started to back up and called out, “just a moment, I’ll be right there”.  

I made my way back though the kitchen to our room, quickly put on some clothes and returned to the door where we had a conversation about some items she was going to throw away in preparation for her move.  Not a word was said about my nudity. 

All this was very reminiscent of the time my sister nearly walked in on me nude at home. Now, just as then, I had a choice of how to handle it. Both times, I chose to take the safe route.  

But I’ve often wondered two things. First, did she see me? She didn’t mention it at all. After she left I went out to where she was standing and looked in, just as she had been. I could easily see details within the kitchen. It was just a matter of whether or not she was actually focusing in, or just gazing in the general direction. I’ll never know.

Secondly, what would have happened if I had just walked to the door nude, or had called out that I was naked and did she mind, or something along those lines. The LAST thing I wanted to do was be disrespectful to my neighbor or shock her in any way. Shocking someone with your nudity is never a good idea. But for whatever reason, and I really have no data to back this up, I suspect she would have been fine with it. Just a gut feeling I suppose.  

I’m not part of the “it’s my house got over it” club. I don’t answer the door nude.  I don’t impose my nudity in my guests. That’s just not me. I like to think I’m a very considerate person and the comfort of my guests is important to me. But…..if they truly are comfortable with my nudity, then why not?  How will you know unless you ask?  

I’ve felt very rewarded the times I’ve broached the subject.  But admittedly, I’ve been highly selective on when and with who.  But I’ve never regretted bringing it up.  And if the answer is ever, “please don’t” or “I’d rather you not” that’s fine too.  I wouldn’t ask unless I was ok with both answers.  But the key is, you cant always run and hide.  After a while, it just gets old.  You have to be you.  

So the big  lesson for me was, once again, be aware when naturist opportunities present themselves and be receptive to them. That doesn’t mean, take every one. But likewise, don’t shun them off as if they’re impossible. Consider all factors but be open.  You’d be surprised how many times something wonderful can spring out of nowhere.  

Nude Therapy

The naturist in me has always considering being nude as a type of therapy. It relaxes, rejuvenates, and centers me. Not always perhaps….but usually. Every now and then I enjoy taking a day off work if to do nothing else but to relax and spend the day nude. I think of it as a mental health day.  

I’ve seen spending time nude viewed as a means of actual therapy, particularly with body image problems. But I’m not so naive to think that it is a “cure all” for people’s woes. As I’ve said before, while naturism is a wonderful part of my life, I definitely realize that isn’t the case with everyone. To impose nudity on someone as a means of helping them seems like a stretch to me. Maybe strongly encouraging them to try it once or twice, sure. But it seems like a roll of the dice to truly see it as a means of therapy. Depending on the person, it could make a bad situation worse.

But as a means of informal indirect therapy, naturism is truly a wonder. In the article below, you see a great example of how nudity, with all its wonderful benefits, helped a woman overcome a series of body image problems. Being nude wasn’t the focus. There were numerous aspects that helped her.  Being nude was one of them, albeit a significant one.  Being nude enhanced the experience and helped her get past mental roadblocks. In that sense, being nude served as an excellent catalyst for increased self confidence. I certainly applaud her for taking the leap.

My favorite part of the article is that she and her husband have returned to the naturist club and have come to enjoy some of what naturism and nudism have to offer. What started out as a vehicle to overcoming an obstacle, may very well turn into a life changing experience….an awakening of their lives as naturists. We’ll see…

But for me, as a means of therapy, being nude is a good fit. There are few things I enjoy more than sitting outside, writing or reading, listening to the trickle of the water in the background, enjoying the elements. Incredibly relaxing. So in the case of one guy….nude therapy….it’s good!