Male Nudity Can’t be Beautiful….Right?

I come across this artistic nude today and found it to be quite thought provoking. It’s not a naturist photo. Many would say it’s more sexual than anything. Not my thing usually. I’d rather see a 50-yr old couple out hiking nude than a 21-year old nude Adonis. But that’s ok. I’ve got a point here. I was struck with how beautiful it was but juxtaposed that with how many people would find it otherwise. Some might balk at the nudity, others would find it displeasurable since it shows a mans penis, others because the mans penis is semi-erect. I find all three of those objections completely absurd. I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to them, I just can’t identify with them at all.  

It is beautiful. It’s a fact.

Female nudity is so much more accepted than the male. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a longtime fan of female nudity. The nude female form is stunning. However, to see one nude gender as graceful, angelic, artistic, and 1,000 more positive descriptors, while viewing the other gender in the complete opposite manner, doesn’t make sense to me. 

Breakdown the barriers. Call a spade a spade. Be honest. It’s beautiful.  

My personal growth as a naturist has enabled me to come to be much more open and accepting about the beauty in both genders. It has nothing to do with sexuality. It’s simply a willingness to see beauty rather than denying it as a fact and truth. I think women evolved to this position much much sooner than men. Most women can see a nude woman and easily find beauty, even enjoyment in her nudity. Men….well, doing likewise with a nude man, and openly admitting it, is still a leap for us. Come on dudes…..lets keep evolving shall we?

So yes, a male nude, semi erect penis and all, can be beautiful. And yes, a heterosexual naturist man can say that. 


8 thoughts on “Male Nudity Can’t be Beautiful….Right?

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  2. What difference does it make? When you break the sex-nakedness relationship, you embrace beauty where it is. As a matter of fact there are many Greek and Roman statues of naked men that are art. Sure, there are sexual pictures and they are made such by the photographer. I’m straight and to me nudity and art have nothing with sexual orientation. A naked man or woman can be art and beautiful. If you reduce a man to his penis or a woman to her breast, then you continue reinforcing the link between sex and nakedness, not seeing the real beauty of the human being. Nudity is awesome and sex is in the eye of the beholder. My 2 naked cents.


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