Dude…..You’re Nude!

If this is how you enjoy most mornings, could you do so with non-naturist guests over? How about at a friends house? Maybe….if you’re willing to consider it.

“Yes I am…..and loving it”!

An oft discussed topic, to the point of monotony, is how to move naturism into the mainstream. In other words, how to make it so you can sit out in your back yard nude without fear of someone seeing, you getting arrested, labeled a sexual predator, losing your job, and pretty much ruining your life. Ok, maybe I took that to an extreme….maybe not.  

But anyway, a lot of people point to events such as The Naked Bike Ride as a good example of an event that supports this idea by placing simple non-sexual nudity into the public spectrum. Among other things, to some, it can desexualize nudity and allow it to be seen as something generally harmless. To others, it remains a pariah. I’m not here to argue that one way or the other. But I believe one of the most effective means of normalizing nudity is simply by going nude, when you can, when it’s safe, amongst non-nudists.  

Just because they aren’t nude, doesn’t mean you can’t be.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “duh”! Let me expand on that a bit. I’ve written about this before in the post entitled, Standing Out In a Crowd. In it, I extolled the benefits of a “clothing optional” approach. Now, some naturists are very anti-clothing optional, since, among other reasons, it essentially permits voyeurs into naturist venues. Others embrace clothing optional since it allows people more freedom to choose what is right for them, at that time, at that location, on that day. I tend to fall more in the latter side of the argument than the former, although I can see truth in both sides. But I’m not talking about resorts or clubs. I’m talking about homes, friends homes, camping, boating, whatever.  

Among family and friends, I don’t believe you’ll find too many naturists who don’t agree that if you have the opportunity to go nude, do it! Don’t shock, offend, or impose. But if you take the time to ask and explain, you may very well find acceptance. And by doing so, what do the others learn — nudity isn’t that big of a deal; you’re still the same person as before. The key is, you have to consider it, you have to be willing to bring it up. If you don’t, likely you’re missing out on some wonderful naturist experiences. 

Love of friends and family can easily overcome differing feelings about being nude.

I have had such good experiences with those I’ve shared my naturist lifestyle with that I will admit that I do find myself actually looking forward to the next opportunity — “who should I tell next?” However, I continue to be very selective. I don’t just feel the need to tell someone, just for its own sake. I don’t want my enthusiasm to ruin a good thing. But if given the opportunity to be nude among a group of understanding, accommodating, non-naturist friends or family…..I won’t hesitate.  

The runner up to being nude among naturists, being nude among non-naturists.

Have you ever gone nude among non-naturist friends?  


22 thoughts on “Dude…..You’re Nude!

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Your experience isn’t surprising. I’ll be the first to admit, piping up and asking “would it bother anyone if I went nude….” takes a lot of confidence. No one likes rejection. Nor does anyone want to create a rift among friends or family. But by extending a level of trust, and having confidence in your relationship, there is a chance, probably a pretty good one, that they’ll be supportive. It just depends.

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  1. Relatively often, but frequently the first time with each person was by accident. My daughter thought little of me being undressed and would let people in without warning me or them. The reactions were varied but always positive.


    • Thanks for the comment. It’s a definite plus that your daughter was so comfortable with your nudity that she didn’t hesitate letting others be aware of it. However, springing it on people can be risky. Just as I hope others can understand and accept my nudity, likewise I have to respect their feelings. Consequently, open conversation is often times the best route.


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  3. I lived with the in-laws for about 6 months last year. I would roll out of be nude and come downstairs for breakfast before they got up in the morning. I eventually stretched my breakfasts out long enough so that I got “caught” by my father-in-law. He didn’t bat an eye or make any comments. I carried on like nothing was out of the ordinary.
    One evening not too long after that, I was upstairs in my room lying on the bed nude and talking on the phone when my mother-in-law walked in my room to drop something off. Since I was talking, I didn’t hear her coming and I didn’t have time to cover up. She didn’t bat an eye or make any comments about my nudity.
    After that, I started eating breakfast later and stretching it out longer until I got “caught” by her while I was eating breakfast in the buff. She didn’t have a problem with my nudity outside the bedroom, so after that I spent much of my time around the house nude and even did household chores nude (taking down storm windows and installing screens, cleaning and organizing shelves in the basement, installing new light fixtures, taking the trash out, etc.). Daily life carried on as normal and nobody was bothered by my nudity. It was a great liberating and freeing experience!


    • Thanks for the comment.

      Such a reaction isn’t uncommon. But likewise, nudity, theirs or others, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Open conversation is the key to avoiding misunderstandings, misconceptions, and any hard feelings, and potentially creating wonderful experiences just like yours.


    • I have both lived with my in-laws and they with us. They have caught me in the buff on numerous occasions as neither of them bothered to knock on the bedroom door before the came in. Although my mother-in-law had made a comment of shock once to my wife as she had come into my bedroom early one morning while I was still asleep and apparently I was uncovered and had a full blown morning wood going on. She never said anything to me about it and it never stopped her from walking in on me again. I never was comfortable enough to just walk around the house naked with them present unless it was after bedtime and I was headed to the fridge or the bathroom. If they were I would have been but they seemed to loosen up a bit (a pastor and pastor wife) and I frequently noticed them changing in their room or using the bathroom with the door open. I’m not a shy person but I don’t want anyone being uncomfortable around me so it was a lot less stressful when I could be me in these situations.


      • Thanks again for the comment and for sharing your personal story.

        I absolutely agree, the comfort of my guests, family, and friends is of the utmost concern to me. I would be completely uncomfortable being nude around anyone if it made them, in turn, uncomfortable. Shocking anyone or viewing it as “it’s my house” just isn’t me.

        However, so many assume the reaction would be negative that they never test the waters and actually ask. The opportunities are much greater than I think most would expect.


      • I found your blog today and have spent much of the day reading your thoughts on the subject. Although I have lived much of my life as a naturist in private because I didn’t know it was a “normal” thing. I figured, until recently, I was a freak and kept it to myself. Thank you.


    • Good for you, nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.,while living alone in a Senior Building alone for 5 years Upon entering my home I would get naked immediately. I am now 91 and am living with my significant lover. Every night and it’s 18 years I go to bed naked every night. Have a few times been naked on beaches with friends who are not naturists, no problem.
      Naturists have no age limits


  4. Reblogged this on Clothing Optional and commented:
    It isn’t easy goin’ nude around non-naturist friends, especially when you live in a small town in a very conservative area. As a nudist, of course, I love to be nude, but where I live seems like the only place I can really do it here anyway is in my home with the blinds shut.


  5. Beyond my kids and wife, I started not caring about being naked with others when my cousins and aunt came to visit and I was bathing the little one, and as they wanted to see the kid (you know how are women ragarding little kids) they find me naked in the bathroom with him. I use to be nude at home most of the time, so my band mates, friends -boys and girls, also used to find me naked and so I stayed with them. On field trips also, when in a river or pond, I tend to get naked and jump into the water, so I’ve been the cause for some others to try skinny dipping for the first time.


  6. I’ve gone nude in plenty of situations where my company wasn’t nude, including my friends and my parents. I never did it as a surprise or imposed myself. I’ve always had a good response with the right audience, with reactions ranging from pretending there was no difference between me being clothed or naked and looking over my entire nude body.


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