Sleeping Nude

I came across this good video about sleeping nude.  View it here

For most naturists, one of our earliest forays into life sans clothes often occurs as children, in bed, sleeping. Why? Well, a variety of reasons. First and foremost, privacy. If you chose to sleep nude, it’s unlikely someone will find out, unless you have a sibling roomie. Then, yeah, they may break the code and rat you out, unless of course they have the same predilection as you.  

Secondly, as a kid, your room is your castle. There are few areas where you feel so confident and daring as in your room, particularly in your bed. So, willing to buck the jammies requirement and go rogue? Sure, why not! Finally, there is the element of time. Every day you have time in your room, in your bed, to enjoy the feeling of being nude. Similar opportunities don’t grow on trees. If you’re drawn to it as most naturists are, it’s a hard opportunity to pass up.

So, for the budding naturist, whether child or adult, bed time is a great chance to experiment with naked time. Speaking for me personally, I followed this well worn path as part of my naturist education. I came to be quite fond of taking off my “pajamas” and lying there, sans covers, au naturel, imagining what it would be like to be like this whenever and whenever I wanted. Usually I would put my “pajamas” back on before falling asleep. But several times I drifted off while nude, only to wake up the next morning, thrilled with the idea that I had spent the entire night nude.  

I became more and more partial to nighttime nude time and to make it easier on myself, gradually lessened my “pajamas” down from regular boys pajamas, to shorts and a shirt with underwear, to losing the underwear, to just shorts sans underwear. It was as close to nude as I could get and I became quite adept at getting in and out of them quickly.  

I’m not sure when exactly, but well into adulthood, I eventually came to skip shorts or underwear or anything and began sleeping nude full time. That was at least twenty years ago, about the time I first began spending time openly nude around our home. Short of wearing a pair of shorts when staying with friends or family, I’ve never looked back. To me, sleeping in anything other than your birthday suit is slightly akin to torture, for all the reasons displayed on this video.  

For me, sleeping nude = sleeping good.  


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Nude

  1. I have slept naked since my late elementary years. I was never comfortable in clothes and removing them to sleep seemed natural to me. My father was a naked sleeper so I never saw the taboo with it. If I had a friend spend the night or spent the night somewhere else I slept in shorts with no underwear on for their sake if we were sleeping in the same room. That is until I went to college and had a roommate. At first I slept with clothes on but after a couple of weeks of crappy hot constricted sleep I got into to bed with shorts on and slipped them off under the covers only putting them back on in the morning before getting up. At almost 45 years old and married 21 years now I can’t remember the last time I slept with clothes on. Even sleeping in a sleeping bag in the middle of the living room floor at my grandmothers house for Christmas morning. I just kept a pair of shorts in the bag with me.

    If my kids aren’t home I am naked. I lay naked in the sun in my pool cage. I swim nude in my pool. I live on a 5 acre mini farm with several neighbors or I’d be naked all the time in my yard but I am out at night doing stuff in the yard naked assuming there isn’t a second full moon out. I’ve camped naked with my wife once 20 years ago on 20 acres of vacant land owned by my parents and loved it. I went hiking and exploring and the sense of freedom it gave me was intoxicating. I’m exploring the idea of visiting a clothing optional beach here in Florida but I don’t think my wife will want to join me as she doesn’t share my naturist tendencies and doesn’t care to see other people in their natural state. The nearest nudist beach about 2 hours from here and to go without my wife seems wrong.


    • Thanks for the comment and the personal perspective.

      I understand your feelings regarding visiting a nude beach without your spouse. I discussed the reluctant spouse topic in the perhaps unsurprisingly named post, “reluctant spouse”. While some are willing to go solo, many miss out on naturist experiences negates they feel uncomfortable going alone. I admit, I fall into the latter group. I never want to cajole or try to talk my spouse into naturist activities. Support absolutely.


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