Hiking Sans Clothes — Naking!

I came across an article today, linked below, that addressed a familiar topic, hiking nude. This isn’t a new topic for Naturistthoughts. I’ve discussed it before in many posts. But this article covered it in a new and refreshing manner.


First, it introduced a term I’ve never heard of — “naking”, a combination of naked and hiking. I’ve always seen and used the term “freehiking”. But to be honest, I kind of like “naking”. It’s lighthearted, kind of cute. It conveys what nude hiking is — fun. “Freehiking” sounds more like you hiked but didn’t have to pay. Anyway, I like “naking” and may start using it now. Yeah….I know, big news.

But I also liked that this post was written by a woman about women. The blog isn’t really a naturist blog since it covers many topics. But obviously nude hiking is a topic near and dear to naturists everywhere.

Naking is for everyone! It isn’t about you look. It’s about how you feel. I’d say she feels great!

In the post, the author hit on a number of naturist values — positive body image, benefits of non-sexual nudity, empowerment, freedom, and enjoying nature. I think the message for women is exceptional and one that can’t be shouted loud enough — be empowered, revel in yourself, feel good about yourself, see your own beauty, don’t be defined by standards set by others (frequently men), your nude body is beautiful –enjoy it!

Personally, I love hiking nude. Letting every concern, every hang up, every stereotype by the side of the trail, along with my clothes, and leaping out into Mother Nature without a stitch is an exhilaration, joy, and kick in the butt few things can challenge. But….I know everyone doesn’t feel the same. Consequently, do it smartly, cautiously, and with consideration. I recommend you do the same. Find a secluded trail, a favorite spot. Take a friend, see if the mind. But however you do it…..do it! You won’t regret it!


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