Keeping the Joy Alive

Anytime you discover something new, a new interest, a new hobby, or maybe making a new friend, usually you want more of it. It’s fun, exciting, enticing. Naturism is definitely that way for me. Sure, not always. I’m not looking to be nude 24/7 anywhere and everywhere. I understand why some feel that way. I just don’t. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love being nude. I definitely do.  

Don’t forget — naturism is fun!

But I always look back quite affectionately on my early naturist days when I first came to enjoy spending time nude. I suppose that’s why I’ve always enjoyed “first time” accounts, or stories, real or fiction, about how people came to embrace naturism. Those early days are always filled with new discoveries and joy.  

One of my first big purchases as a young man was a VHS camcorder. I liked the idea of making funny films, something I ended up doing a lot with my friends. Today I would have been all over You Tube. But, this was long before any of that existed. Although it had nothing to do with why I bought it, the idea of being able to record myself nude popped into my head one afternoon while I had the house to myself. It was a bit of a eureka moment.

There was nothing exploitative or sexual about my home movies. They were just me, at home, nude. I found the process fun, getting the perfect “casually nude at home” shot. I especially enjoyed watching them back later, seeing myself living the nudist life I fantasized about and dreamed of. Unfortunately, I usually recorded over the films, fearing someone might come across them and “find out”. Totally silly now, but an understandable concern then. Sure wish I had one of those films now. It would be fun to look back on.  

I try to stay in touch with those sensations and experiences with my naturism today. I want to keep my naturist time fresh, invigorating, and joyful. While many naturists often claim “I forgot I was nude”, I’m not sure I want that. I get what they mean — they weren’t self conscious, they felt very comfortable, and at ease nude. All that is good. But I don’t ever want to lose the fun of being nude. I’d be quite sad if I did.  

Keep the joy of naturism alive!

So keep your naturism fun.  Remember what you first loved about it and hold onto it. Inject some excitement into your naturist time whenever you can. Maintain or rediscover the joy of being nude. It’s worth the effort.  


3 thoughts on “Keeping the Joy Alive

  1. We sometimes have the feeling that naturism is becoming too serious, as a fellow blogger you might recognise this. By thinking too much about it, by thinking about the issues and how we can try to solve them it can suddenly become less fun. From time to time we also have to put a hold on this and enjoy the nudity again.

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