Naturism in the Press

Recently I read two fairly well written, professional articles addressing authors’ naturist experiences. I was left with a pretty stark view of naturism.  Not a good thing. But at the same time, the articles got me thinking which is always a plus. 

The first article had a non-naturist visiting a naturist venue to “see what it’s all about”. It’s the type of article I’ve read far too many times, where the author begrudgingly admits they kind of liked being nude, but tell us that in a few short snippets. The rest of the article is where the author regales us with their quick wit, describing the traumatic experience of seeing older men’s penises, saggy breasts, and naturists in general. In the end they always seem to admit it wasn’t that bad, maybe even kind of liberating and fun. They always say the people were friendly and kind, but with a odd quirky twist. But regardless, they’re no convert. It’s definitely not for them. I mean, I appreciate them dispelling the myth that everyone is their having wild orgies. But describing an odd stew of uncomfortable moments, nervousness, a brief liberating feeling, lots of sagging skin, and penises-a-plenty isn’t exactly the best press naturism could have.   

I’d rather see articles about this aspect of naturism. Tell us about these two enjoying a nude moment by a lake.

I just wish these type of articles would focus a bit more on the positives. But unfortunately, with many of them, the article is all but written before they even arrive. I mean, how many writers are going to put their professional reputation on the line and pen an article where they say, “oh my gosh, I loved being nude, it was wonderful, I’m definitely going back, I think I’m a naturist now!” Yeah, I’ve seen some where the writer was quite complimentary and you could connect the dots that they might have opened a new door to their lives. But it’s much easier to submit the story — I went there, got naked, hung out with naked people, in some ways it was liberating, but it’s kind of weird too, here are a bunch of funny comments made at the naturists expense, I’ll keep my clothes. That’s probably more what an editor is looking for. That and a few funny naked pictures, with all the private bits covered of course. 

How about sharing this photo? It’s certainly not porn. Nothing more than you’d see on Naked and Afraid. So many more would see this and think….wow, she looks beautiful….that looks like a nice experience….maybe I should try that.

The second article was about a woman who grew up in a naturist family but hated it. Not because of the nudity, she was pretty ambivalent on that angle. But she hated the secrecy. And today, that baggage effects how she views naturism and nudity in general. Gone is the innocent fun. In its place, angst, baggage, and pent up attitude.  

In the end I found this article to be less about naturism as it was about parenting. I’ve said many times, naturism is an important part of my life, but it’s far from the most important part. I’ve found plenty of ways to enjoy naturism without impacting the happiness and well being of my family. My “hobby” shouldn’t be a burden to anyone. Compromise, everyone understanding and respecting eachothers positions, but being willing to give a little to get a little, is critical. Not judging these parents whatsoever. I’m sure there is more to the story. But if you make your naturist life a burden to others, it’s not going to end well. What you think of as “no big deal” may be a very big deal indeed. Unfortunately for this woman, it’s forever tainted her opinion of nudity in general.  

I didn’t leave with of these articles with a warm feeling inside. At the end of it, you’re left with the impression that naturism is a destructive force practiced by self-centered, misguided, nudity obsessed freaks. So…..not a good representation one might say. Not good at all.  

Naturism = Joy

Fortunately, I know that not to be the case. For me personally, naturism has given me much. I’ve been able to get past a few hang ups and enjoy it openly and honestly. It’s taught me acceptance and understanding. It’s given me strength and confidence. It’s provided me happiness and joy. Just yesterday I was looking back on some personal naturist photos from a holiday years ago. It was fun to remember those moments. It was fun to relive the exhilaration. It was nice to see my and Mrs Naturistthoughts nude bodies in the sun. For me….naturism is an enriching part of life. While these articles may have reminded me that everyone hasn’t shared my experiences. I’m sure glad I have.  


The Naturist Gene

Overcoming embarrassment over being nude is something most people struggle with. While you’d expect naturists to say that this was never the case for them, usually that’s not true. For some it is, but for most it’s not.  

“But wait, naturists are comfortable walking around nude. How could they ever be embarrassed over nudity….theirs or others?” 

Well, you’re seeing them now. That doesn’t mean they’ve always exuded such nude confidence. For some it comes quickly. For others, it’s a process. Everyone has something to overcome. But what they all have in common — they all share what I like to call “the Naturist Gene.”

No, there is no actual naturist gene. I’m being metaphorical here. Bear with me. I’m simply saying that deep down naturists seem to share something non-naturists don’t — they love being naked. And even if they kept this love affair hidden for some portion of their life and were closet nudists, it doesn’t make it any less true.  

Personally, I’ve always loved being nude. I loved they way it felt, I loved how it made me feel, and I loved the way I looked when I was nude. Yes, I said something there that many naturists go right past — I enjoyed seeing myself nude. Call it positive body image, call it self indulgence. Whatever. I enjoyed nudity….mine included. If you’ve read even part of this blog, you’ve probably picked up on all of these aspects of my nudist evolution.  

There was something in the way I thought and felt about nudity. When I caught my first few glimpses of photos of nude men or women, I wasn’t JUST interested for the sexual aspects, like most everyone else. I saw something in addition to the sexual aspects. Sure, I had sexual fantasies. Who doesn’t. But I had naturist fantasies too — fantasies about being nude outdoors, walking through a forest or on a beach, being around other nude people. Fantasies about just being nude.  

But deep down, there was a spark that started all of this. Where did it come from? Sure, I pounced on it and developed it over the years. But where did it come from?

I suppose you could say it’s simply learned behavior. I love tennis also. But where did that spark come from? Well….it seemed cool. When I tried it, I liked it, and I was pretty good at it. So, viola, a tennis player was born! So, naturists must be constructed the same way right? We try it and fall in love with it. That simple. Right?

Naturists choose the road less traveled, despite the obstacles. What provides that drive?

But I don’t think so. No one was out there spreading the idea that tennis was inappropriate, wrong, sexual, dirty, etc…. But naturism fights all those forces. Yet, naturists find a way. They get past that. They try it and embrace it nevertheless. That’s unlike most any other “hobby” I can think of. People are in to and enjoy different activities. But with most of these, if it isn’t “your thing” you tend to be ambivalent towards others enjoying it. I don’t play softball. But I totally understand the attraction and couldn’t care less if others do. Bird watching — not my thing. Ok….I’m not sure I understand how others enjoy that but whatever. They can have at it. But naturism?! Not only do many non-naturists shudder at the idea of social nudity, they label it perverse, immoral, and any other negative label you can think of. Yet…..naturists soldier on.

In that light, naturism just seems unique. A harmless lifestyle or hobby that others treat with derision. Not all, but unfortunately many. The perseverance and drive to enjoy naturism is an interesting characteristic among naturists. Hell….maybe there is a naturist gene?!

Naturism and Exhibitionism — Do they Coexist?

Exhibitionism is a four letter word in naturist circles. Ok, actually it’s a 13 letter word, but you get the point. It’s generally agreed upon among naturist organizations and well experienced Naturists, that Naturism and Exhibitionism cannot operate in the same spheres. It’s because, at least in part, the mingling of these two worlds is what confuses non-naturists about just what naturism is all about. But….is that really true? It probably comes as no surprise that it isn’t a simple answer.  
Im going to operate on the assumption that you have a pretty good idea of what naturism is all about. Sure, you many have your own tweaked definition that fits you and how you enjoy naturism. But, we’re all pretty close and generally in the same neighborhood.  

How about exhibitism though? I used to always think that I knew exhibitionist behavior when I saw it. “I mean….hey, those two are going at it right there in front of everyone. Must be exhibitionists.” Ok, yeah, I’d say that’s probably the case. But how about if one of the many aspects of being nude that find enjoyable, is being seen. I’m not talking about flashing or shocking anyone. I’m simply talking about the fact that others are seeing you nude. Nothing sexual going on. Just nude. Are you an exhibitionist? Is your nudity exhibitionist behavior?  Personally, I don’t think so.  

Webster defines exhibitionism as:1a : a perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained from the indecent exposure of one’s genitals (as to a stranger)
b : an act of such exposure

2 : the act or practice of behaving so as to attract attention to oneself

So, let’s peel that back a bit. For our discussion, let’s use an example. A non-naturist friend is over at your place. Just a friend. You’ve discussed naturism before and that yiu often go nude at home. The friend says they don’t mind if you do so with them around. You take them up on it and go nude. You find that not only do you enjoy the opportunity to be nude, but you also realize you take some enjoy,net from being seen nude. You enjoy it on a different level than when you are nude alone.  

Ok…now let’s apply the definition. “A perversion”. Really? Sure, exhibitionist behavior can be a perversion I suppose. Someone sitting in front of an open window, nude, masturbating as people walk by. That would fall under this umbrella. But how about what I described? Nah. Not even close. We’ll move on.  

“Sexual gratification is obtained”. What constitutes sexual gratification? Do I have to orgasm over it? Do I fanticize about it. Does it get me sexually aroused. Does my mindset transition from a naturist activity to a sexual activity? What if I simply enjoy being viewed, just as I might when I’m well dressed? I think this is the key factor — why are you nude? What’s driving the train? Is it about gratification? Or is that simply one of many factors and sensations you enjoy? I argue, it’s generally the latter. I’m not nude around others mainly because I enjoy them seeing me nude. But likewise, I’m not denying the fact that this is an emotion I experience when nude. 

“….obtained from the indecent exposure of ones genitals”. This seems to imply that leaving your genitals exposed is inherently indecent. On that line of thinking, all naturists are exhibitionists. So….no.

The second definition, “….to attract attention to ones self” seems off the mark as well. I’m nude because I want to be. You just happen to see me nude. Doesn’t mean I’m trying to attract attention to myself. I’m not saying, “look at me, look at me….I’m nude”. I’m just nude….and you’re there….seeing me.   

Exhibitionism frequently gets brought up regarding naturist men with erections. Simply having an erection, partial or full, is seen as a clear indicator to the man’s motivations and mindset. Anything short of flaccid, and your leaning more exhibitionist than naturist, particularly if you don’t hide it from view. I’ve been pretty wordy on that aspect in other posts so I won’t cover all that territory again. I’ll just say that — it depends. In some circumstances erections can very well be an indication of exhibitionist activity. But in others, they are purely innocent, noting to fear or feel the need to hide. It just depends.

So…..I don’t see a whole lot to connect naturists with exhibitionists, at least not my personal brand of naturism. They are separate activities. But, there are aspects of being nude that some might label as exhibitionist that I don’t feel are. I don’t enjoy naturism to provide sexual gratification. That is not my motivation. But yes, I admit, not only do I not mind others seeing me nude, sometimes I quite enjoy it. I’m proud of my nude body and my naturist life. Being seen by others nude, only reinforces where I am, who I am, and how far I’ve come. It’s not sexual. It’s not a fantasy. I’m not shocking or offending anyone. I’m just talking about being nude.  


Naturist Radar

Do you have a well developed naturist radar? Meaning, do you think you have a good eye or intuition for identifying other naturists before they share their lifestyle with you? Maybe you pick up on a comment made in passing. Maybe they make a reference only a nudie would know. Maybe you notice their tan lines are few in number. Do you take advantage of the opening? Do you bring it up? What if you misread the situation? “….oh, well….never mind”. 

Such a great naturist photo. While it is likely a professional posed photo with a model, it feels very real nevertheless. I can’t help but look at her and wonder. Who introduced her to naturism? Did she pop up on someone’s radar?

How about if they themselves don’t even know they’re naturists yet? Perhaps you pick up on some clues in how they relate to nudity.  Do you introduce the topic?  

I always felt that my father was a bit of a closet nudist. Down to his underwear only during the heat of the summer was about as far as he’d go among the family. But I always suspected he would have liked to have let those go as well. Perhaps when he had the house to himself, which was rarely, but perhaps he enjoyed nude time then, just as I did.  

Blogs are filled with stories of introducing friends to naturism.  Unfortunately, about 10% are probably true.  In the fantasy stories the friends are always very interested, rarely resistant, quickly take the leap, and are full fledged converts with hours.  I suspect reality differs slightly.  

Personally, I’ve never had this experience….yet.  Although if the opportunity arose and bringing the subject up made sense, I’d be willing. You never know.  

Sex Positive Naturism?

View story at

The article above is being discussed heavily among the nudie blogging world. I just read thru some of the comments on Reddit r/nudism and found them very much representative of the discussion I had in my last post, regarding the transition going on among naturist bloggers. Although my very favorite comment described the article as “being longer than it had any right to be”. I definitely concur with that comment, and this is coming from a long winded guy.

Anyway, on one side was a more live and let live approach. Don’t fear sex, swingers, and those more liberal than yourselves. Don’t be so focused in describing naturism as non-sexual that you demonize sex. Sex can be positive. Naturism can be positive. The two can and do coexist.

On the other side were the more traditional naturists emphasizing that they aren’t afraid of sex, but they are strong advocates for the fact that sex has nothing to do with naturism. Blending of the more sex positive world and naturism has irreparably damaged naturism in the past and it will do more damage if allowed to continue.  

I suppose I’m somewhat of a blend of these two perspectives. I do feel that naturism can be so overly fearful of sexuality that it disavows its presence, so much to the point that it’s arguments are seen as unbelievable to non naturists. But likewise, I do see a lot of destructive forces in a live and let live approach. I don’t want naturism to lose its identity to the point that it becomes so intermingled with sexual aspects that you can’t tell where one starts and one ends.  

My personal view of naturism contains small aspects of the the sex positive view. I’m much more understanding of other sexual behaviors and preferences, even though I don’t want to participate in them or spend time in venues where they are the focus. I’m comfortable with erections, depending on the individual and the circumstances, and in most cases don’t see them as offensive or troublesome. Jewelry, piercings, tattoos are ok for others, although I wouldn’t get one for any reason. That’s just me. 

My naturism is sipping tea nude by the pool while I blog, going on a nude hike with friends, spending a weekend nude camping with my family, skinny dipping in my backyard pool, washing my car nude, gardening nude, nude families at the beach, etc… When I’m “naturisming”, maybe I’m alone. Maybe I’m with others. Maybe everyone is nude. Maybe just me. Maybe I’m flaccid. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I feel sexual. Maybe I don’t. etc… But the focus isn’t sex. I’m not choosing to be nude as part of a sexual activity.  

So am I sex positive? Sure, I guess. I think sex is a wonderful thing. But I’m naturist positive too. And there are bits of sexuality in my naturism, just as in all aspects of life. Sex just doesn’t drive my naturism.  

Nudie Blogger World Morphing?

Is it just me, or is the Nudie Blogger World gradually morphing? No, I’m not trying to self-aggrandize my blog by implying that I’m a part of any transformational process or anything. I’m simply making an observation.  

What’s my data? Well, it’s just a gut feel. On one side, I see a number of long standing blogs and webpages falling by the wayside. In most cases, you usually don’t know why this occurs. Maybe it’s simply because they ran out of things to say, maybe it’s out of a change in interests or priorities. It doesn’t mean they aren’t naturists any more or that they don’t cherish their nude lives. It just means they don’t feel the need to write about it and share it with the world.  

I’ll be the first to say, I’ve felt this way myself from time to time. I’m busy living life and blog updates just don’t make the priority listing. But then something will spur me to write — a photo, a story, and experience, a thoughtful or thought provoking comment from a reader (those are my favorite). And suddenly I’m drawn back in.  

So I wonder if some of the more long standing blogs will bounce back? No, I’m not going to highlight which ones I’m talking about. I don’t want to seem to be calling anyone out. That’s 100% not my intention. I’m sure they have very valid reasons for not writing. And I respect those. For most of us, blogging is simply something we do for fun. So if a blog falls by the wayside, I can only assume it stopped being fun. So part of me applauds them — go find the fun again, come back when your ready.

….so I blog….sometimes.

Additionally, I see a different trend among the newer naturist blogs. I see more emphasis on being active, and approaching naturism as part of everyday life vs something kept hidden away. I see more acceptance of different opinions and lifestyles. They arent so focused on prescribing naturist ideals as they are telling their naturist story and what it means to them.  Unfortunately, many lack a personal nature.  They simply reblog articles from other sites.  Some of that is ok but I prefer when they at least include their thoughts on the articles.  While all agree that naturism isn’t sexual, I see more discussions of sexual issues and how they relate to naturists.  For the most part, these are good trends.  

As for me and this blog, my plate is full and becoming more so every day. And so my blog may wain time and again. I’d rather post when I have something to say rather than out of some obligation. I’m happy with how the blog has turned out and where I think it’s headed. I’m glad I’ve been able to express myself openly, even when I knew my thoughts and opinions may not be entirely in line with other naturists, let alone non-naturists.  

But for now I’ll keep blogging along. Hoping to get likes, comments, and followers. Hoping to see a good cross section of society, male, female, differing cultures, religions, and preferences. But ultimately, writing because I want to say something and because it’s fun.  

Wood in the Forest

Saw this photo the other day and found myself laughing pretty hard. Partially because of the obvious tree and wood jokes. But partially because I’ve been this guy! Sure, I know the picture was meant to be artistic and all but I couldn’t help but feel like it was a self portrait on some level. 

 In the past, I’ve taken advantage of some nude hiking opportunities and found them quite exhilarating, sometimes to the point that I resembled the man in the photo. In each case, my only concern was focused on how others might react if I came across someone.  While I enjoy being nude, I’m not about offending or shocking people. That’s never my goal or something I want to be a part of.  But I had no embarrassment or shame over being erect.  I’m past that.  I was more focused about how wonderful it felt to be nude in nature.  I didn’t mind being erect any more than I would have minded being flaccid.  Fortunately, due to the isolation of the area and my confidence that I was alone, I was able to hike on and let things come and go in their own time. If it had been a more populated spot, I would have skipped the nude hike. Unfortunately, coming across and nude male hiker is objectionable to most non-naturists. Coming across one with an erection would pretty much seal the deal. Sadly, penises are bad. Erect penises are super bad.