Nudie Blogger World Morphing?

Is it just me, or is the Nudie Blogger World gradually morphing? No, I’m not trying to self-aggrandize my blog by implying that I’m a part of any transformational process or anything. I’m simply making an observation.  

What’s my data? Well, it’s just a gut feel. On one side, I see a number of long standing blogs and webpages falling by the wayside. In most cases, you usually don’t know why this occurs. Maybe it’s simply because they ran out of things to say, maybe it’s out of a change in interests or priorities. It doesn’t mean they aren’t naturists any more or that they don’t cherish their nude lives. It just means they don’t feel the need to write about it and share it with the world.  

I’ll be the first to say, I’ve felt this way myself from time to time. I’m busy living life and blog updates just don’t make the priority listing. But then something will spur me to write — a photo, a story, and experience, a thoughtful or thought provoking comment from a reader (those are my favorite). And suddenly I’m drawn back in.  

So I wonder if some of the more long standing blogs will bounce back? No, I’m not going to highlight which ones I’m talking about. I don’t want to seem to be calling anyone out. That’s 100% not my intention. I’m sure they have very valid reasons for not writing. And I respect those. For most of us, blogging is simply something we do for fun. So if a blog falls by the wayside, I can only assume it stopped being fun. So part of me applauds them — go find the fun again, come back when your ready.

….so I blog….sometimes.

Additionally, I see a different trend among the newer naturist blogs. I see more emphasis on being active, and approaching naturism as part of everyday life vs something kept hidden away. I see more acceptance of different opinions and lifestyles. They arent so focused on prescribing naturist ideals as they are telling their naturist story and what it means to them.  Unfortunately, many lack a personal nature.  They simply reblog articles from other sites.  Some of that is ok but I prefer when they at least include their thoughts on the articles.  While all agree that naturism isn’t sexual, I see more discussions of sexual issues and how they relate to naturists.  For the most part, these are good trends.  

As for me and this blog, my plate is full and becoming more so every day. And so my blog may wain time and again. I’d rather post when I have something to say rather than out of some obligation. I’m happy with how the blog has turned out and where I think it’s headed. I’m glad I’ve been able to express myself openly, even when I knew my thoughts and opinions may not be entirely in line with other naturists, let alone non-naturists.  

But for now I’ll keep blogging along. Hoping to get likes, comments, and followers. Hoping to see a good cross section of society, male, female, differing cultures, religions, and preferences. But ultimately, writing because I want to say something and because it’s fun.  


8 thoughts on “Nudie Blogger World Morphing?

      • Hardly. In fact, it seems just a matter of time until I run out of places to write about, and the number a naturist places to visit (or that we want to visit) is finite. And, unless you’re interested in going to a particular place, travel blogs are of limited interest.

        Beyond that, it’s difficult to keep a thread going about nakedness, without bleeding into religion, politics, or other things that simply piss people off. šŸ™‚ Pretty sure we’ve adequately covered public hair and sitting on a towel! LOL

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      • Totally agree. That’s why I’ve tried to write more about life issues and how they relate to naturism vs simply extolling the naturist virtues over and over and over. For me it’s mostly a personal view and story. Sometimes it’s redundant. Sometimes it’s probably boring. But it’s still fun…..for now.

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  1. We’r proud to say that for the last year, we’ve continuously published 2 blog posts per week šŸ™‚
    But you’re right, blogs seem to disappear and reappear again and then disappear again. And it’s easy to understand, especially the personal blogs. Even if you’re a 24/7 nudist, not every week something happens which is worth a blog post.
    And also for the more informational blogs, once you’ve written about all the “standard” topics (body confidence, the first time, sex, children,…) it can be hard to come up with something new without repeating yourself.
    Naked Wanderings once started as an informational blog with some personal thoughts and has now moved a bit towards naturist travel. We have no idea where we’ll end up eventually, but we hope that we can keep continuing for a long time!


    • Completely agree. It put it under the heading of “life happens”. Although naturism is part of my life, it isn’t my life. So while I try to keep the blog current and fresh, sometimes I just don’t have much to say. While I like to keep it on course, sometimes it’s more like a rudderless ship. It simply goes, or doesn’t go, wherever it chooses.

      As always, thanks for the comment.


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