Wood in the Forest

Saw this photo the other day and found myself laughing pretty hard. Partially because of the obvious tree and wood jokes. But partially because I’ve been this guy! Sure, I know the picture was meant to be artistic and all but I couldn’t help but feel like it was a self portrait on some level. 

 In the past, I’ve taken advantage of some nude hiking opportunities and found them quite exhilarating, sometimes to the point that I resembled the man in the photo. In each case, my only concern was focused on how others might react if I came across someone.  While I enjoy being nude, I’m not about offending or shocking people. That’s never my goal or something I want to be a part of.  But I had no embarrassment or shame over being erect.  I’m past that.  I was more focused about how wonderful it felt to be nude in nature.  I didn’t mind being erect any more than I would have minded being flaccid.  Fortunately, due to the isolation of the area and my confidence that I was alone, I was able to hike on and let things come and go in their own time. If it had been a more populated spot, I would have skipped the nude hike. Unfortunately, coming across and nude male hiker is objectionable to most non-naturists. Coming across one with an erection would pretty much seal the deal. Sadly, penises are bad. Erect penises are super bad.  


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