Naturist Radar

Do you have a well developed naturist radar? Meaning, do you think you have a good eye or intuition for identifying other naturists before they share their lifestyle with you? Maybe you pick up on a comment made in passing. Maybe they make a reference only a nudie would know. Maybe you notice their tan lines are few in number. Do you take advantage of the opening? Do you bring it up? What if you misread the situation? “….oh, well….never mind”. 

Such a great naturist photo. While it is likely a professional posed photo with a model, it feels very real nevertheless. I can’t help but look at her and wonder. Who introduced her to naturism? Did she pop up on someone’s radar?

How about if they themselves don’t even know they’re naturists yet? Perhaps you pick up on some clues in how they relate to nudity.  Do you introduce the topic?  

I always felt that my father was a bit of a closet nudist. Down to his underwear only during the heat of the summer was about as far as he’d go among the family. But I always suspected he would have liked to have let those go as well. Perhaps when he had the house to himself, which was rarely, but perhaps he enjoyed nude time then, just as I did.  

Blogs are filled with stories of introducing friends to naturism.  Unfortunately, about 10% are probably true.  In the fantasy stories the friends are always very interested, rarely resistant, quickly take the leap, and are full fledged converts with hours.  I suspect reality differs slightly.  

Personally, I’ve never had this experience….yet.  Although if the opportunity arose and bringing the subject up made sense, I’d be willing. You never know.  


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