Sex Positive Naturism?

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The article above is being discussed heavily among the nudie blogging world. I just read thru some of the comments on Reddit r/nudism and found them very much representative of the discussion I had in my last post, regarding the transition going on among naturist bloggers. Although my very favorite comment described the article as “being longer than it had any right to be”. I definitely concur with that comment, and this is coming from a long winded guy.

Anyway, on one side was a more live and let live approach. Don’t fear sex, swingers, and those more liberal than yourselves. Don’t be so focused in describing naturism as non-sexual that you demonize sex. Sex can be positive. Naturism can be positive. The two can and do coexist.

On the other side were the more traditional naturists emphasizing that they aren’t afraid of sex, but they are strong advocates for the fact that sex has nothing to do with naturism. Blending of the more sex positive world and naturism has irreparably damaged naturism in the past and it will do more damage if allowed to continue.  

I suppose I’m somewhat of a blend of these two perspectives. I do feel that naturism can be so overly fearful of sexuality that it disavows its presence, so much to the point that it’s arguments are seen as unbelievable to non naturists. But likewise, I do see a lot of destructive forces in a live and let live approach. I don’t want naturism to lose its identity to the point that it becomes so intermingled with sexual aspects that you can’t tell where one starts and one ends.  

My personal view of naturism contains small aspects of the the sex positive view. I’m much more understanding of other sexual behaviors and preferences, even though I don’t want to participate in them or spend time in venues where they are the focus. I’m comfortable with erections, depending on the individual and the circumstances, and in most cases don’t see them as offensive or troublesome. Jewelry, piercings, tattoos are ok for others, although I wouldn’t get one for any reason. That’s just me. 

My naturism is sipping tea nude by the pool while I blog, going on a nude hike with friends, spending a weekend nude camping with my family, skinny dipping in my backyard pool, washing my car nude, gardening nude, nude families at the beach, etc… When I’m “naturisming”, maybe I’m alone. Maybe I’m with others. Maybe everyone is nude. Maybe just me. Maybe I’m flaccid. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I feel sexual. Maybe I don’t. etc… But the focus isn’t sex. I’m not choosing to be nude as part of a sexual activity.  

So am I sex positive? Sure, I guess. I think sex is a wonderful thing. But I’m naturist positive too. And there are bits of sexuality in my naturism, just as in all aspects of life. Sex just doesn’t drive my naturism.  


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